Baby Three Maternity Photos

Thursday, April 12, 2018

In late February, I finally bit the bullet and scheduled a baby milestone photo package with my photographer, Studio.1328. I've really never been too crazy about the idea of having maternity photos taken...I mean...let's be I really ever going to display them in a frame at home? Chances are not so hot! However, this being said, looking back, I do love that we documented our growing family with photos while I was expecting both C (just some do-it-yourself snaps) & G (professional photos), and think it is special to have these last memories of our lives before each of our new littles arrived. This particular shoot was our first time attempting outdoor pictures in the winter, and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. The boys were thrilled at the unexpected opportunity of playing outside in the snow, and even though it was a blustery chilly evening, they were great sports, and had no problem ditching their winter coats for a few photos.


Photo Credit || Studio.1328

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