31 Weeks

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 31

How far along:
31 weeks

Best moments so far:
We got to Florida yesterday, and are so looking forward to some fresh air, sunshine, and walks on the beach. Over the weekend, we had fun attending some Winter Games events at the lake, and spending time together as a family...likely for the last time before either my Sis-In-Law or myself has a new baby!

Maternity clothes:
Most. The dress I'm wearing in this photo ironically is not.

Ok. I've been finishing up my most recent book, The Nightingale (excellent read by the way), and so have been staying up much later than I probably should. Luckily, I've been able to catch a few extra winks a couple days this week while the boys have been napping.

Miss Anything:
Getting around easily. Third trimester during the winter is a whole different ballgame than it is in the summer! Trying to zip up my winter coat or putting on boots are certainly not highlights of my day!

Baby Movement:
Lots. T has been amazed by the strength of the kicks he's been able to feel, and is always commenting on how active this little one is. I feel like there is not much room for baby to be moving around as much, but apparently, there is more room than I think!

Cravings and Aversions:
Nothing in particular. Looking forward to eating lots of fish in the next week while we are on vacation.

Queasy or sick:

Same as last week. Overall fatigue...generally hits in the mid afternoon.

Looking forward to:
Enjoying a week of sunshine and weather warm enough that I don't need snow boots and winter gear on!

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