30 Weeks

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Week 30

How far along:
30 weeks! Eeek! If I were to go full term, only 10 more weeks to go. I'll be honest...10 more weeks sounds like a lifetime away. I'm sincerely hoping for something more around eight or so weeks. I've found that being in the late stages of pregnancy during the coldest time of the year is not exactly what I would call my cup of tea. I know lots of ladies complain about being super pregnant in the middle of summer, but I'd take loose flowy dresses and less layers any day over this nonsense of trying to find my feet to get on winter boots, and zipping up a coat over the five layers I already have on. Let's not even talk about the added drama of getting the other two little people in my life ready to leave when I can barely move around, let alone 'chase' them!

Best moments so far:
We learned in our baby book that at 30 weeks, baby is most likely around 3.5 lbs, and will gain approximately 1/2 lb per week from here until the end. The boys came with to my OB checkup this week, and were able to hear baby's heartbeat (140bpm), and watch while my doctor did all of the measurements...they were both very curious, and we were all happy to learn that baby is measuring exactly right for gestational age. I will start having bi-weekly OB check-ins now rather than monthly, so it will be 'fun' fitting in another appointment to our already hectic schedule!

T & I snuck away for a night over this past weekend to take in a Minnesota Wild hockey game in Minneapolis. It was fun to have 24hrs of adult time, and nice to do some shopping at the mall without having little people to keep an eye on. I'm guessing this will be our last adults only night away before baby comes.

Maternity clothes:
All pants, and most tops. I may have to invest in a couple more basics. I purchased this plain white long sleeved top from the Ingrid & Isabel line at Target earlier on, and it shrunk immediately upon washing/drying. If you are in the market, the Pure Body tops from Gap's maternity line are far and away better - more comfortable, have more stretch, and don't shrink.

I did quite a bit of tossing and turning this week during nighttime sleep. I'm always so hot if I'm being touched while I sleep, so I've pretty much kicked T to the complete other side of the bed. I've also still been super tired in the afternoons (after the caffeine from my morning cup of coffee wears off), and have strived to get the boys napping at the same time so that I can catch a few winks or at least lie down and rest while they are out. I honestly have no idea how I will function when we throw a newborn into the mix. Our boys are exhausting!

Miss Anything:
Energy, fresh air, and exercise. 

Baby Movement:
Baby has continued to stay very active, so I've been feeling lots of kicking this week. At some point, this should slow down as room runs out, and I'll need to be better about kick counts. Currently, I feel like baby has no resting times, and is constantly working on ninja kicks.

Cravings and Aversions:
Nothing in particular this week. I suppose you could say the extra iron pills I've been taking would be an aversion. They taste absolutely awful!

Queasy or sick:
Nope. I finally got over Influenza A, and have been feeling decent since late last week.

General fatigue, shortness of breath, and some Braxton Hicks contractions this week.

Looking forward to:
Winter Games this weekend at the lake. There are some fun looking kid friendly events this year (Kids Carnival at the YMCA, hot cocoa and knot tying at the Yacht Club, Chocolate Classic, etc), and we are so looking forward to having family in town. C's curiosity has been very focused on the status of our Christmas tree leading up to Winter Games weekend. One of the most loved events of the weekend is the 'Burning of the Greens'...a.k.a. burning of everyone's Christmas trees from this past holiday. The collection trucks have been out since late December, and are overflowing with good firewood!

Aside from Winter Games fun, we are heading to Florida next week, and can't wait for some sunshine, fresh air, and playing outside. Not looking forward to? Packing...The highs for the week range from 60-70 degrees, and the lows are in the 50s, so we are going to need layers instead of straight summer clothes. So much to plan out! Either way, it will be nice to be able to spend more time on the beach with the cooler weather. Our last visit was in June, and it was far too hot outside for the boys to be in the direct sun for any real length of time. The expected cooler weather will give us the opportunity to stray from the house a bit more and explore some non-water related activities.

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