22 Weeks

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Week 22

How far along:
22 weeks

Best moments so far:
I'm finally starting to feel more consistent baby movement this week. I had my a checkup this morning, and baby's heartbeat is strong at 150bpm (the exact same rate it has been at since our first time listening). Unrelated to baby, we got out our Christmas decorations and put up the tree. So fun! I did resign myself to keeping our travel ornaments in the box this year after G's immediate reaction to the tree was to pull off the bulbs and throw them halfway across the room. I couldn't resist putting a few of my favorites up near the top though! LOVE the baby handprint ornaments from the boys' first Christmas's too much to keep them tucked away in a box! Looking forward to a new stocking on the mantle and another baby handprint ornament on the tree next year!

Maternity clothes:
About 50/50. My general style this time of year is layers, so I typically have a maternity tank and leggings/jeans + non-maternity layers like a button up, scarf, vest, jacket, or sweater. T commented this week that I'm 'really starting to look pregnant' (thanks T! - insert eye roll here), so I suppose that maternity friendly styles will be in the cards from here on out.

Good so far. 

Miss Anything:
Shopping for regular clothes. T & I snuck up to Minneapolis for a quick impromptu night away and to get some Christmas shopping done this week, and I was a little bummed to not be able to try on regular clothes. That being said, I did snag this non-maternity shirt that happened to be price matched 40% off the day we were shopping, and can't wait to style it similar to this.

Baby Movement:
Yes! Baby's movements have been more consistent this week. I don't always notice during the day, but after the boys are in bed and I finally have a chance to sit down for the night, I've been enjoying lots of movement. T hasn't felt the baby move yet, but no doubt will very soon.

Cravings & Aversions:
Same old same old. This past week has been filled with holiday celebrations, so my sweets cravings have been fully satisfied! Maybe next week I'll crave something a bit more healthy...salad anyone?

Queasy or sick:

This week I've started to 'feel' pregnant. A.k.a., my 'bump' is on full display, getting around quickly is more of a struggle, and I've been completely exhausted and ready for bed by about 10:30pm Every. Single. Night. I've also had gained some weight since last month's appointment (to be expected), but I dislike how it makes me feel, so I'm hoping to find some sort of consistent exercise routine. I have been out for a few short walks around the neighborhood with the boys this last week while the weather has been nice, but could really use some more cardio in my life!

Looking forward to:
Wrapping some presents for under our tree!

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