21 Weeks

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Week 21

How far along:
21 weeks

Best moments so far:
I'm finally starting to feel some movement! Nothing too consistent yet, but definite baby flutters!

Maternity clothes:
Here and there. I'm in that somewhat awkward stage of pregnancy elastic waist jeans being just a tad too loose, but most regular pants being too tight. Most days, you'll find me in leggings!

Pretty normal on the sleep front for now. The smart thing to do would be go to bed about an hour earlier than my 11:30pm typical bedtime, but aside from staying up too late, my sleep has been otherwise unaffected so far.

Miss Anything:
Nothing in particular.

Baby Movement:
Yes! Finally feeling baby #3 has been a welcome change this week!

Cravings & Aversions:
Still craving sweets. Lucky me, we are heading into Thanksgiving holiday week, and there are sure to be some sweets along the way! Chocolate French silk pie anyone? There hasn't really been anything that really bothers me food wise this week.

Queasy or sick:
I caught another cold this week. Ugh. A weakened immune system due to pregnancy this time of year is no fun! It also probably doesn't help that I have two little snotty nosed munchkins who LOVE to wipe their snot on and give lots of kisses to mama. I wouldn't have it any other way!

General lack of energy. This whole time change has been a doozy! 

Looking forward to:

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