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Friday, March 11, 2016

A few weeks ago, T & I cracked down after nearly two years of sleeping on a worn out mattress that should have been tossed...well...two years ago! After testing ALL of the mattresses in the furniture store (for obvious reasons, C loved this plan. Did you know there are remotes for the beds with incline adjustments and either! Of course, C spotted these right away  and after playing with said remote while I tested the bed, he almost had me convinced that we needed the upgrades!), we ended up going with this Sealy Posturpedic Premier Hybrid which has a mix of a memory foam topper with springs underneath. A BIG problem with our previous mattress was that we were constantly rolling into the middle, and after speaking with the 'mattress expert' at the furniture store, we learned that many people with pillow topper mattresses have also complained about this issue. Anyways...the foam topper is the latest and greatest in all things mattress, and we loved how it conforms to our bodies making it nearly impossible to feel when one of us gets up in the night. Also has cooling gels in the memory foam to prevent body heat from being trapped. AND...drum roll's a KING! 

Because our previous...never to be mentioned again bed...was a queen size, this means I am now redecorating our entire bedroom. While I loved our bedding and headboard from our queen bed, I'm leaning in a new direction for our new bed that's maybe a little less French country, and a little more clean and modern...think plain white with pillows and throws for accents. First on the agenda, being that it's still relatively chilly, we were in need of a new down comforter. After reading many...many reviews, I ended up ordering this version (scored 20% off with coupon!), and we have been loving it. Not too hot, not too cold. In terms of a headboard, I've been leaning towards an upholstered headboard, and think this style from Pottery Barn could be just what I'm looking for. Now the biggest question on my mind is do I go with oil-rubbed bronze for the headboard nailheads & curtain rods, or pewter. Our other bedroom furniture has oil-rubbed bronze hardware, but I ordered the pewter curtain rods and now can't decide if that is the right move. HELP!

With spring just around the corner, I've been on the lookout for some new kicks to update my closet. I really need a new pair of neutral spring/summer sandals in white or beige, but the options are endless, and I'm having a hard time finding some that I could wear with everything. These sandals (currently being price-matched!!) are near the top of my list, but I'd also like to find some sandals that aren't a gladiator style that could go with some of my more feminine summer dresses. While searching for sandals...of course, I got sidetracked, and stumbled across these sneaks that I immediately fell in love with. They'd be perfect  for pulling together a casual spring everyday look paired with a plain white/pink T, grey baseball cap, and jean capris. Ahhh...isn't it amazing how sometimes just one staple can inspire an entire look? Easter basket gift to myself perhaps?

Other fashion related things on my mind...I bumped into a friend the other day who was looking ooooh so stylish dressed in capris, flats, sweater layered over a button up, and theee most polished looking trench coat I've seen in a while. A great trench has been on my wish list for the longest time, and after seeing it so chicly styled for spring, it may need to appear in my closet sooner rather than later. This or this version can usually be found on sale, and might be just the thing for my spring wardrobe.

Next week, we are headed to the sunshine state for some rest & relaxation...ah hem...T is attending a medical conference, and C & I are going to be completely on our own in a relatively unfamiliar place during the day for most of the week. I know that C will have so much fun swimming and playing at the beach, but a toddler can only take so much time in the sun before a burnout happens. Did I mention that we will ALL be sharing a non-suite single-room hotel room for 5 days? Eeek! While I'm sure our hotel will be nothing short of spectacular, I don't think it will work to quarantine C in the bathroom for sleeping just so that T & I don't have to go to bed at the same time. It happens people! You'd be amazed how many people have suggested it to me! Ultimately though, the idea of putting C in the bathroom to sleep feels a little bit like neglect or punishment, and I'd rather not have a guilty conscious all week about his sleeping arrangements - not to mention he'd obviously hear us getting ready for bed and wake up anyways. Bring on the uncomfortable sleeping situation where C knows we are in the same room and won't stop crying until he joins us in the middle of the bed! If it goes anything like usual, after finding himself in bed with us, he'll roll around and play for most of the night, and finally find his comfortable spot situated crosswise between us with his feet in our faces! At the very least, maybe we'll be able to sit on the balcony for a bit and he can get couple hours of shut-eye before we head to bed. I'll be happy when the second leg of our trip arrives and we aren't staying in a hotel so he can be in a separate room from us!

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