2015 Gift Guide: His

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Staying on track with holiday wish lists, I give you T's list. This year, hunting gear and new technology are right at the top. It can be hard to pinpoint the perfect wish list for T since he doesn't usually ask for much, but I think this is a pretty good compilation. If anyone is in the know about how to get the Hawkeyes to a National Championship game, that's really the main thing T is wishing for this holiday season!

2015 Gift Guide: His

KUIU Camo // Super Down Jacket (XL, vias camo color) and Super Down Pant (XL, vias camo color, OK with solid color). T has been freezing in his tree stand lately, and wants to add some more insulation under his hunting gear. He'd also love a pair of these scent-proof merino (XL) socks.

Ivation Long Range Wireless Thermometer // T has been wishing for a thermometer that will sound an alarm when his smoker temperature goes above or below a certain temp while he is sleeping. Originally thinking he wanted one that had an app available, he's changing he tune after realizing he'd still have to be within a set distance from his smoker. This thermometer from Ivation not only measures the temperature of the smoker, but also has a second probe that measures the meat temperature. Win. Win.

Sorel Caribou Winter Boots // It has recently be brought to my attention, after T borrowed his dad's boots this week, that T does not own a pair of winter boots. How this is possible living in NW Iowa, I'm not sure, but the fact remains. No. Winter. Boots. This pair from Sorel (size 13, 'bruno' color) would get him all set up and ready for the winter ahead.

Food Saver // Still on the wish list this year, T would like the FoodSaver V4850 to seal up delicious leftover smoked meats. This model has awesome reviews, and would be great for avoiding freezer burn.

iPad Air 2 // T's iPad stopped working a couple of months ago, and he is completely lost without it. He'd love to get back into his groove with a new iPad.

LaCrosse Alphaburley Pro Side-Zip Real Tree Xtra 1000 Gram Hunting Boots // T is convinced that he needs to have rubber hunting boots to better control the scent while hunting. He did actually put a little effort into researching the perfect pair...with a little steering from brother-in-law N...and specifically landed on this pair.

Leupold RX-1200i TBR Rangefinder // T would love to have his own rangefinder for hunting. He's been borrowing his dad's on occasion, but the dynamic of two hunters-one rangefinder doesn't really work. This one comes highly recommended from T's brother-in-law N, hunter extraordinaire.

Reed & Barton 'Windsor' Julep Glasses // Still on the list from last year! Apparently not a passing phase...T would like to have a pair of these pewter mint julep glasses for sipping the official drink of the Kentucky Derby...you know...the one day of the year that it happens.

45 lb Dumbbells // T would like to expand on his at-home weight collection. A.K.A. He thinks he's buff. On his list this year are two 45 lb dumbbells. Good luck getting them wrapped and under the tree! In a list of other items not in T's current wardrobe, these sweatpants (size L) would be be great for staying warm during winter workouts.

Patagonia R1 Fleece Pullover // After adding a black R1 Patagonia fleece to his collection earlier this year, T has been wearing it on the reg. His everyday wardrobe would benefit from another color choice, and I think that both the grey forge and navy colors (size XL) would look nice on him.

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