Three Month Photos

Monday, September 22, 2014

About a month ago, our little family got all fancied up for an outdoor photo shoot to commemorate C's third month. T & I have so much fun looking back at some of our milestone photo shoots from when we were about his age, that I wanted to do the same for him so we can look back when he is older and reminisce about how little he was, and how much he changes over the course of the first year. 

Photo day arrived, and it was likely the hottest, muggiest, generally most awful day of the summer...of course. The temps were around 87 degrees with no wind and about 100% humidity. As you might imagine, this didn't exactly fit into C's preferred 75 degree comfort zone. After about the first five minutes, he decided once and for all that sweltering heat was just not in his playbook, and tears, crying, and overall rage ensued. 

Luckily, before C decided to make sure that we were all FULLY aware of his dislike for our well-laid plans for a nice photo shoot, our lovely photographers from Emery Photo+Design were able to capture a few shots. These ladies did a great job scouting the outdoor location (near the butterfly house at the Dickinson County Nature Center), and were so patient and understanding as we tried just about every trick in the book to turn C's frown upside down. Hats off to them!

After getting our photos back last week, I was very happy overwhelmed with relief to have at least four solid options for my new gallery frames that dominate the wall in our main living space. I'm looking forward to keeping them updated as the years go by with new milestone and family pictures.

To sum up our three month family photos:

...Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life...

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