Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving greetings everyone! 

This morning, I find myself typing from a kitchen and a computer covered in a light or not so light in places dusting of flour. I've been busy making homemade dinner rolls and pumpkin pie to take along to our Thanksgiving celebrations today. In case you're wondering, the rolls I'm currently attempting are the very same delicious Quick Homemade Dinner Rolls I made last Thanksgiving. I decided to double the recipe, so I've got fingers crossed they won't be a flop! So far, they look and smell pretty good from what I can spy inside my oven.

I won't even begin to make a list of things that T & I have to count as blessings this Thanksgiving holiday, but one in particular I'm enjoying currently is that he is still asleep. LET ME EXPLAIN: This gives me the entire morning to indulge in one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions: watching the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade with my morning cup of joe! L.O.V.E.

A few pics from our Thanksgiving family photo shoot to share!

The whole clan is back together again. Watch out!

Pretty good looking crew!

Me and the brothers. Thanksgiving 2013.

So I couldn't decide which photo I liked better. This one...

...Or this one.

Probably the best picture of T & I from the year. Too bad I already have my Christmas cards!

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions?

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