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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hi Everyone! Sorry for being a little non-existant lately with my recipe posts. T and I have been busy busy BUSY getting house decisions made and getting ready to move from La Crosse to the Iowa Great Lakes area. T-minus 2 weeks!! AAAAhhhhhh!!!

A sneak peak into what we've decided on so far...drum roll please...

PAINT! I can tell you are just as excited as we are. After a trip to the amazing Room & Board in Edina over our anniversary weekend, we were lucky enough to see this lovely Benjamin Moore paint color in an actual room. SUPER helpful compared to the tiny little paint chip samples we had prior to this. For the time being, our entire house will be painted this color. I've got some rooms I will be changing after we move in, but we are happy with this choice for the majority of the house.

image via menards

MAIN FLOOR FLOORING! Equally, if not more exciting, we decided on a hand-scraped hickory solid wood floor for the main floor living area. (NOTE: This is just an example of the exact floor in a room, not our actual house). We just love the added texture that comes from hand-scraped wood, and the warmth it will bring to our main living space. As a bonus, we were able to get it while it was on sale. Saving money = Happy us.

image via pinterest

CABINETS! We were lucky enough to purchase our future home (originally a spec home) during a stage of construction that has allowed us to choose many of the finishes and make it more our style. I just love the clean, open and airy feel that white cabinets exude, and knew right away they were exactly the look we wanted. We will have white cabinets throughout the house...except the wet bar which will have a wood stain so that it feels more like a bar.

image via michael aram

HARDWARE! Our new home is on a lake, so we want to have some nautical features to make it feel...well...more lake-y (Is that even a word?). I spotted these knobs at Lowe's, and knew we had to have them. On a side note: Michael Aram = really cool hardware. They even have little shirt & pant knobs for the laundry and toothbrush & toothpaste for the bathroom. Just tooooo cute. I can't wait to see them in the house.

COUNTERTOPS AND TILE! I've become close friends with the granite and tile shops near our future home. After several visits, most everything is picked and ready to go. The above picture is an example of green candeias granite which we are using for one of the guest bathrooms. Below is an example of golden beach granite which we are using on the wet bar countertop, and a the wood-looking tile we plan to use below it.

Next up on the list of decisions to make: faucets and lighting. These two items are very difficult to choose. (OK, maybe not so difficult, but to find something within the budget very difficult). We've decided on chrome faucets for the bathrooms, so at least that has been narrowed down. Originally we were thinking brushed nickel, but decided we like the classic look of chrome and the brightness it brings. Not to mention most chrome has the same shade while brushed nickel can vary a lot when trying to match faucets to hardware to light fixtures to mirrors. Just thinking about it makes my head spin. 

Moen Banbury OR Moen Vestige

Above are the options we're considering for bathroom faucets. Any and all comments are welcome in helping to make this an easier choice for us!!

Do you have any other tips to consider when building a home?

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