Scarlett: Four Months

Friday, July 27, 2018


Four months...This past month has truly been one for the books, and if I'm speaking honestly, one we wish we could rewrite when it comes to our little S. I hope to write a separate post about the entire ordeal later when I can put into words how we are coping and feeling about our new reality, but long story short...S started having unexplained seizures about midway through this month...on July just 3.5 months old. After several visits to both our local and regional hospitals, including a couple of overnight observational stays, she is seemingly back to her happy little self. While we would never have wished for this to be her reality at just 3.5months old...or ever...we are incredibly thankful for the wonderful care team that took care of her and was able to find a medication to help control the seizure activity in her brain, thankful for all of the thoughts and prayers sent her way, and for now, will continue to watch and wait and pray that she grows out of this phase in her life. Now...onto more positive updates and thoughts about this past month with our little princess!

Age: 4 months
Diaper size: 1
Clothing: 6 months

S is right on track developmentally. She has really gotten a good grip on tummy time this month, and does a great job picking up her head to look around. Near the end of the month, she also started rolling over...both front to back, and back to front. She is quick to flirt with anyone who talks to her...especially Dad, has the sweetest little baby giggle, loves to sratch the side of her bassinet, and has started to coo and 'talk' to us. She's been loving standing up on her feet, so I may have to get out the Jumperoo and walker before too long!

The littlest sweetheart in our house still doesn't have much of a schedule when it comes to daytime routine. In a perfect day, she might take a nap in the morning for a couple hours...usually while we are on the go in her carseat or on a stroller ride, and in the afternoon she generally only naps while being held or nurses and naps. This essentially means that unless I sit with her and allow her to use me as a pacifier, she isn't much of a napper during the afternoon. Not a great plan for me to be able to get anything done around the house while her big brothers are napping! On a side note, little miss continues to sleep through the night (8:30pm-8:30am), so I really can't complain tooooo much...

S has taken a big interest in her toys this month, and has been loving batting at the toys hanging from her playmat, bringing toys to her mouth to explore, and reaching for toys that she doesn't have a hold of. 

S is pretty content to listen in to stories, and is a great little reading partner. Truthfully, most of what she gets to read are stories about trucks, diggers, or bugs, so on her wishlist for Christmas this year will be some new 'girly' books.

About halfway through month three (just after the July 4th holiday), S decided that she prefers to have a bedtime bottle of formula. Nearly every night since then, after she nurses, she gets 3-4oz formula. We have been using Enfamil, as we did with her brothers before her, and she hasn't had any problems. For anyone in the market, we've also had good luck with these bottles from ComoTomo. Mama is a bit disheartened about this development, but I've come to accept it for what it is instead of stressing too much about getting my supply boosted up. #fedisbest

Watching TV
Being tickled and baby giggles


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