Christmas 2017

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Well friends, I finally uploaded my pictures from Christmas. I feel like I could just leave it at that since this is pretty much the biggest accomplishment of the new year thus far! I didn't get too involved with picture taking this year, and instead chose to focus on enjoying the moment, so you won't have 20,000 pics to view like usual.

We kicked off the festivities in my hometown the weekend leading up to Christmas (on a Monday this year, and super inconvenient for anyone who had to work Tuesday and travel for Christmas!), and the boys had an absolute blast playing with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. The highlight for C was definitely opening his new semi from Santa's visit to Grandma & Grandpa's house, while G just enjoyed the entire weekend in general. One of his favorite gifts to receive was this adorable latches barn from Melissa & Doug which he has enjoyed playing with lots and lots.

Next up was Christmas Eve at our church - G was a bit of a handful wanting to run around the area behind the pews and climb in and out of his seat repeatedly...all while using his electric candle as a nose-picking device rather than it's intended purpose for the candlelight service. Sorry to whoever was stuck using it next!

 After church, we headed to Christmas #2 with T's parents. The biggest highlight for the boys may or may not have been the 'Christmas pie' as C likes to call Gma S's French silk pie we have around holidays. These two have a serious sweet tooth! Everyone enjoyed opening gifts and playing, and C particularly enjoyed playing with his new Doctor Kit...also much coveted since Christmas by little brother G who loves to use the stethoscope to listen to daddy's heart. So sweet.


Christmas morning we celebrated at home, and the boys were surprised to wake up and find that Santa had in fact come to visit overnight. They were absolutely thrilled to find a new play kitchen complete with cupcakes, coffee pot, and a soup pot with cut up vegetables, and have played more hours with this than any other toy (aside from matchbox cars and tractors) in our house. Other highlights included this tent which they have loved using as a fort, and this wooden train set. Seeing the excitement of Christmas through the eyes of a child is truly something special, and we have enjoyed every moment of this year's holiday.

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