Happy Halloween 2017!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This year's Halloween was such fun! C is now old enough to really get into the spirit, and LOVED all of the celebrations he had throughout the week. Parties, trick-or-treating, and Halloween cookie decorating were the favorites! I probably asked him about 100 times what he would like to 'be' for Halloween leading up to the big day, and he had no consistent response until the week before. I have a hunch we can thank 'career day' at his school for this! After going back and forth between superman, firefighter, and policeman, he finally landed on dressing as a policeman as his top choice for this year's celebration. Lucky for him, this mama is an Amazon Prime member, and had the perfect costume in my cart just in case.

We kicked off the holiday week with our annual tradition of carving a Jack-O-Lantern with Gma & Gpa N. C has had so much fun with this in the past few years, and G was ALL about it this year now that he is more mobile and able to lend his 'help'. C's main request was that we make a 'happy' Jack, and I've got to say that I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out!

On the trick-or-treating front, the boys had no real experience going into Halloween, aside from limited trick-or-treating with Grandparents last year, and they were at best, curious. After getting all dressed up in their costume, they decided this was kind of fun, and they could really get into the whole Halloween thing! The police whistles on their costumes were of particular fascination for G, who figured his out right away (and thoroughly annoyed T & I while driving to and from Halloween happenings all the while listening to him whistling), while C loved the pretend walkie talkie, police sunglasses, and hat that were part of his costume.

We broke into the Halloween trick-or-treat festivities with a special kids party that a local event center hosted the weekend before the holiday. It was the perfect amount of 'trick-or-treating' for little people with little focus on actual candy, and lots of focus on fun hands-on Halloween games (think pumpkin bowling, walk the plank, ring toss, pin the spider on the web, etc), and after about 30 minutes of playing games and admiring other kid's costumes, C let us know he was ready to go. At C's school on Halloween day, one his teachers brought pumpkin shaped sugar cookies to decorate, and he had a ton of fun decorating them with frosting and sprinkles. Judging by the overall shape of his costume, and the orange frosting all over his face when I picked him up, I think it's fair to say that he likely ate more of the cookies than he did decorating!

To round out the spooky holiday, we went trunk-or-treating at Gpa & Gma W's church. Halloween night ended up being super cold, so most of the event was held inside, and it was the perfect amount of festiveness for our little people. T, heading into the event was super disappointed to not be going door-to-door for a 'true' trick-or-treat adventure, but by the end of the event, was more on board with the decision as he realized it was just the right amount of fun for our boys. Happy Halloween!

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