University of Iowa Homecoming 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

For the past several years, we have made it our family tradition to travel to Iowa City for The University of Iowa homecoming weekend with our littles in tow. After much planning and preparation, we nearly cancelled this year's trip when the forecast predicted 90% chance of rain during tailgating and game time, but ultimately, we decided to take a chance, and drove through monsoon style rains to get the five hours to Iowa City from our home on the opposite side of the state.

Because of the rainy weather, we ended up skipping the Homecoming parade on Friday night (sad), and got to town with pretty much only enough time to grab some takeout, stretch our legs a bit, and get everybody situated for bed. Anticipating our shared sleeping quarters, we had all the gear with us, including our Pack'N'Play and this toddler travel cot that C thought was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Aside from a late bedtime, the boys did well with their sleepover at Uncle B & Aunt C's place, and we were all excited Saturday morning to see that the potential downpours the weatherman had predicted had turned into more of a light drizzle, and wouldn't stop us from our much anticipated date at Kinnick Stadium to cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes. On the way to our tailgate spot, I'm not sure who was more excited, T or C!

Before heading into the game, we weren't entirely sure what to expect with G. He is a much different kid than his brother was at the same age, and is typically go. Go. GO!, so I honestly wasn't expecting to be able to stay for more than about five minutes of the game. To everyone's great surprise, G LOVED the game! He enjoyed watching the players, clapping for big plays, and even threw up a 'W' or two when the Hawks scored a touchdown. During the second half, I had the foresight to hit the concession stand and load up on snacks, and both C & G spent the majority of the final two quarters plowing through a giant bucket of popcorn. 

Back at the tailgate after the game, C was SO EXCITED about watching the football players in a real game, that he was 100% bursting with a need to play football with just about anyone who would catch a pass or practice running plays with him in the grassy lawn next to our tailgate spot. He is a football fan for life I have no doubt!


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