Sweet Summertime 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer... Living at the lake is wonderful in many ways, but like any small rural American town, it has it's ups (three months of glorious summertime with extra restaurants, shops, and tourists), and it's downs (pretty much the entire winter). Memorial Day through Labor Day is to most what would be considered true 'summer' where we live, so this post will be 100% focused on ALL. THE. FUN. had in those few short months of sweet summertime.

One of the great perks of living here in the summer, is the easy access to Arnold's Park Amusement Park. A lakes staple to be sure, for this mama of a toddler and one year old, it has been, and no doubt will continue to be, a summertime staple with trips at least twice weekly all summer long, and a great reason to get out of the house and play in the fresh air. Pizza slices, nutty bars, coffee shop dates, car & boat shows, basketball at the park, and lakeside dinners are just a few of the great things about summertime at the lake! This summer at the park was especially fun as it was the first year C had a park pass, and was able to ride the kiddy rides. His fascination with trains did not disappoint, and he enjoyed more choo-choo rides on the trains than I care to count. Of course, he LOVED every minute of it! G mostly tagged along for the ride, but did enjoy going on the big train and ferris wheel this summer. As you can tell from the pictures, he was completely in awe, and loved looking all around to see what was going on.

One of the many highlights for C was his first time on the kids roller coaster. Not something he probably ever would have considered in a million years on his own, but with his best buddy and fearless cousin J along, he didn't even think twice before following right onto the ride. HAHA. His face afterwards - shock! Such a riot. Other favorites were the boats, fish, and playing on the playground. C asked all summer long to go on the bumper cars, but will likely have better luck next summer when his hair sticking straight up isn't the only reason he hits the 44 inch mark to clear him for the ride!


One of G's favorites from summer 2017 was playing at Harmony Music Park in the Queen's Court just outside the main amusement park. I should also mention that indulging in frozen yogurt while watching the Queen outside on a picnic table by the lake was a very close second! Or maybe going on boat rides and playing in the boat...or splashing in the water table...trying to eat sand from the sandbox...crawling lickety split down the hill on the side of our house...any way you slice it, he had many great summertime adventures, and was a complete joy to be around!

Other highlights from the summer included catching a couple of live performances at the local children's theaters (we saw Cat & The Hat, and Aladdin), trying popsicles - G was not immediately a fan, but soon came around and decided they were amazing, shooting hoops at the park, bike rides, dining on the deck, celebrating July 4th, C catching his first fish, and the boys loving on each other so much it resulted in face squishes! So many wonderful memories!

Summer we love you!

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