3 Year Update: C

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Truth. Last night I was eyeing C's baby book with a sense of guilt that I haven't done a better job at getting it filled in, I came to the realization that if I don't write things down in the moment, the memories are much harder to retrieve later on. Therefore, this afternoon, while I find myself finally with a sure to be short-lived moment to myself while both boys are napping, I thought I'd take the opportunity to jot down some thoughts on C's last year. I often find myself in an internal struggle about if I should take a 'time-out' to record some of my thoughts on raising a 3-yr old, or if I should spend my 'free-time' more productively and go do that fourth load of laundry, scrape some of the eight meals or snacks we've had by 1:30pm off the kitchen floor, or maybe grab a shower without an audience. All solid options...and I do tend to gravitate towards them most days, but I also think it's important to write things down every now and then too. So no, I don't get the opportunity to write down as much as I probably would like, but when I do have a chance to sit and reflect, and happen to glance up at the row of neatly organized matchbox cars or tractors C has arranged in a 'parking garage' on my bathroom countertop, I can't help but smile as I think about how much my 'big' boy has changed and grown in the last year.

For C, the most obvious, and biggest change to his life was the day we brought G home from the hospital back in July. C was just over two years old (26 months to be exact), and was so completely full of joy, and an absolute bright spot in our days. He was, and continues to be, a mama's boy, especially at bedtime. At two, C maybe said 50 words or so, and would string together two or maybe three words on a rare occasion. Fast forward to today, and C continues to have an overall good attitude about most things, but can also occasionally be the instigator of trouble. Overall, he has done such a great job in his role as big brother, and it is plain to see that he completely adores G when he brings him his blanket, or sits down next to him while he is playing, brings him a toy, or tells him a story. Before G became so mobile, C loved holding him, even though he's was usually over it about eight seconds after getting his hands on him. After G's arrival, C's speech completely exploded, and he now speaks in full sentences, often times recalling obscure details from months before that even T & I don't remember until he starts talking about it. Steel trap this one!



C has grown leaps and bounds this year, and has come so far not only in his speech, but in his agility. For a kid who was on the very late end of things as far as gross motor milestones go (not walking until 18 months), C has taken big strides this year. He loves to run, shoot hoops, play football, really any sort of athletic activity he can convince us to play. While I wouldn't call him the most coordinated kid on the block, he can nail a basketball shot, and loves nothing more than to shout from the top of his lungs that 'I'm on fire!'.

C's schedule hasn't really changed much this year. He gets up around 7:30am, naps around 1pm, and goes to bed about 7:30pm. He eats at mealtimes, and doesn't really snack a whole lot in between...although he's a pretty skinny toddler, so sometimes, we wish he had a bit bigger appetite!

C's favorite toys have stayed pretty consistent this year, and he continues to love playing with cars, tractors, and balls. At any point during this day, you will likely find no less than five separate parking garages or farms set up around our house, and countless balls strewn about waiting to be tripped over.

C is a voracious reader, and spends at least part of every day with a book or three. He got to the point this year that he was able to recite pages from our at-home library, so after he got past the stage of tearing pages, we started utilizing the library much more frequently. His favorite books tend to be about trains or sports, but he also loves to read about farming and animals. A few of our favorite books from the year are; You Belong Here, Bear Loves Piano, Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo, and our nightly reading from a children's Bible. 

C is a terribly picky eater, and unless it is 80% cheese, or some form of cracker or muffin, he is not a great eater. He does love quesadillas with meat and veggies, enjoys a good chicken recipe, and has no problem downing a full bowl of oatmeal with fruit, yogurt, or cereal. So, ultimately, I suppose you could say that as long as it is a breakfast food, grilled cheese, or mac & cheese, he will eat something!

Just after C's third birthday, he moved downstairs to his new room. We had been putting it off and putting it off, but finally after we returned from our Florida vacation in June during which he slept all week in a twin bed, we decided it was officially time to make the switch. He had been sleeping in big beds for quite a while already when we had been traveling, but we didn't have a twin bed until early June for him at our house, and I was a bit worried about him being on a separate floor from the rest of us. It all turned out great, and he hasn't had any problems at all making the switch. I opted not to use bed rails since he doesn't move around much at night, so instead, I put a couple of pool noodles under his sheets just in case, and we've had no problems with him falling out of bed.

Some of our favorite sayings from the year:
'Carcar needs mischief'
'Carcar grew up'
'Carcar made mess'
'Go see Jesus' (his way of saying he is going to church)
'Mommy's always workin''
'Daddy's workin' shoes'
After bath time, T wraps C up in a towel and calls him Carter-Won-Kenobi - to which C replies 'Not the droids you're lookin' for!' - certainly one of T's proudest parenting contributions thus far!

Photo Credit | Studio1328

Overall, C is the most loving, kind, most of the time well-behaved three-year-old, and we are so proud of the young boy he is growing to be. Now if he would just rub off a little more on his 'wild man' little brother! While I was not planning to be part of the pictures from this day, I am sooooo glad that I have this special time to look back on with my biggest little sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back C!

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