Graham: Eight Month Update

Monday, March 20, 2017

Where did the time go? It seems that month eight with G was upon us before we had a chance to catch our breath from our recent Caribbean adventures. Reflecting back, the whole month seems quite a blur! Being fresh home from a big trip, we spent most of this month enjoying being home, fitting in snuggles at every turn, and soaking up the love that our two boys have for each other. 

Age: 8 months
Diaper size: 3
Clothing: Finished the month in 6-12 month size, and heading into 12-18 month now!

This has been a huge month for G! He is sitting unassisted no problem (not pushing into the sitting position on his own yet), and has spent the great majority of the month on his hands and knees rocking back and forth trying to figure out how to propel himself forward. He gets soon excited about this, and it has been so fun to watch as he is discovering how to move. Baby gates are going to be a regular appearance at our house in the very near future!

G has decided this month that he prefers to have his head closest to the door rather than how I lay him down with his head in line with the headboard. I'll get him all snuggled in (pjs on then zipped up in his fleece sleep sack), then as soon as I step out of the room (he is still in our room for now), he gets busy re-situating himself into a position he prefers. He continues to be a tummy sleeper for most of the night, and has taken to taking his legs under him a bit with his behind in the air. It is just about the cutest thing ever, and I usually can't find it in me to resist running my hand down the curve of his back just a little before going to bed myself. So sweet.

In addition to teethers (favorites are here, here, and here), G has been loving this activity cube this month. Standing next to it and playing with the top, or tummy time/sitting to play with the sides. He continues to enjoy the jumparoo, but has started loosing interest in the playmat now that he can move around a bit more. He's also been loving his walker as it gives him a chance to be more mobile and practice his walking moves.

G loves to be part of story time...usually. He enjoys flipping the pages and having a taste of all of the 'tails' in the Jellycat soft books...Fishy Tails is a favorite. He has also enjoyed listening as I read to C from some of the books we've borrowed from the library. Since these books have lately become a bit more advanced (C has started reading paper books rather than always board books this month), G doesn't always make it for the entire story, but he's usually good for at least half! He has also enjoyed tagging along to story time at the library with C & I this month, and loves watching the librarian read and all of the other little kids listen and dance/sing/or craft.

G has been able to try quite a few new foods this month! I'll be honest, most of them he didn't like, but we did find a couple that he didn't mind. I finally broke down and let him try some fruit after he sat tight lipped after about the sixth failed attempt at a new vegetable. Of course, he had no problem with the banana, and I decided he must have a sweet tooth. This really shouldn't come as a surprise since sweets were my main craving while I was pregnant with him! So far, the only solid foods he has tolerated (a.k.a. opened his mouth for) were banana and avocado. He didn't mind zucchini when it was blended with banana either. I've been using a mix of home made and store bought food depending on what I have on hand at home. Starting out, G flat out refused store bought, but by the end of month 7, he started coming around, and has been tolerating a bit of both. As far as nursing goes, he is down to nursing just once in the morning, and will likely be completely weaned off at some point this coming month (insert tears here). He continues to take formula bottles like the little Graham champion that he is, and has no problem throwing back a full 8 oz bottle pretty much every feeding. His general schedule heading into month eight is as follows:

7:45-8 a.m. // Wake up! Nurse + 6-8oz bottle
9:30 a.m. // Solid food (2 oz formula mixed with oatmeal & applesauce, or fruit)
10 a.m. // Nap time
12:30 p.m. // 8 oz bottle
1:45 p.m. // Nap time
3 p.m. // 8 oz bottle
5:30 p.m. // Solid food (1-2 pkgs veggies and/or fruit)
6:45-7 p.m. // 8 oz bottle
7:15 p.m. // Bedtime!


Getting to see C in the morning
No pants
Chewing on EVERYTHING - Dad's weights and the fireplace surround have been of particular interest when no one is watching!
C's bedroom & mobile
Rolling and spinning


Seriously...the only way I can get G to eat veggies is to hide them with banana. On the other hand, his brother barely touches them either, so maybe hiding and eating is better than not eating at all!
Being sick
G had a cold/cough on and off for most of month eight. Ironically, neither one of the boys got sick on vacation or immediately after being in the germ infested airport/plane, but both had colds a week or so after our return that took FOREVER to get over! 
Being in the car seat
G has some serious dislike for his car seat of late. I think this will be the month we switch him over to the convertible seat, although I'm REALLY not looking forward to grocery shopping with two boys in the cart...I may be doing most of my grocery shopping online, or on the weekends when T is home!
Having to wait greater than 30 seconds after waking up to eat


We attempted an overnight at the lake house earlier this month, and G lasted about 20 minutes after T & I went to bed around 11:30pm before he was up every 30 minutes for the next couple of hours. Eventually, I ended up breaking our cardinal rule and brought him into bed with us for the rest of the night. Of course, he slept like a hibernating bear the minute he got to be sandwiched between T & I in the king sized bed with a blanket over his lower body. Didn't hear a peep out of him the rest of the night! I'm glad he loves us so much, but seriously. This was a one time deal for the month, and he did end up starting a cold the following day, so at least there was an explanation!

Two boys. It seems that any time I tried to take a photo of just G this month, C was like white on rice and demanding to be in the picture. Getting them both to look at me at the same time with a smile on their face...not so easy, but at least they were having fun!

C was particularly affectionate towards little G this month, and we had plenty of photo ops with the two of them playing together. I'll be honest...I'm not sure that G enjoyed being loved on quite as much as C loved giving kisses and hugs, but overall, the two are proving to be the best of friends. G's level of excitement when he gets to see his big brother in the morning is almost palpable. He immediately starts kicking his feet and hands and babbling to his big brother. He LOOOOOOVES C so much, and C absolutely adores him. I pray that they will always be such good buddies!

We love you little peanut!

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