Graham: Two Month Update

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Two months, where has the time gone?! Little G has been busy growing this past month, and checked in at a solid 12 lbs and 24 inches at his official two month checkup. Not such a little peanut anymore! We continue to be amazed at how alert and wide awake he is...not sure if we've ever seen more 'ope-eyes' (as C likes to call him) than we have with this little guy. 

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12 lbs
Clothing: 0-3 Month
Diapers: Size 1

Being outside
Boat rides
Being held
Sitting in the bouncer
Wrap carrier
Blowing bubbles 
Visits to the coffee shop

Laying flat to sleep
Evenings...fuss city!

A rare photo op when G actually calmed down enough to lay flat for a few minutes of 'shut eyes'. Notice the pacifier! We've been having better luck with the pacifier game with G than we ever had with C (who completely refused), and have occasionally been able to get G to take one to calm himself when he is being fussy...usually while I'm trying to cook dinner, or when he is overly tired. He didn't take to the ever popular Avent pacifiers, but has had good luck with the MAM brand. I use a pacifier to calm him during daytime naps (which are rare unless I am holding him), but I don't typically give him one at night to go to sleep. Instead, I've been laying him down in the bassinet awake around 9:30pm after his last nursing session of the day, and he soothes himself to sleep without needing a pacifier. Self soothing is a huge step in the right direction for good sleep habits. So far, no thumb sucking, but he does enjoy when he finds his fist! G went through a few weeks of being pretty colic-y in the evenings, and around bedtime, so we tried out Gripe Water, and I believe it helped immensely to calm him and ease his discomfort. Another thing we never tried with C! Next up? Finding a bottle to try out! Many nursing mama's swear by this one, so I may have to give it a go!


G got to go for his very first boat ride this month on Lake Okoboji, and he loved it. Something about the gentle rocking of the boat, and hum of the motor work wonders for putting a baby to sleep! He was just under six weeks old on his maiden voyage, and has loved every consecutive ride since. 

Month two brought many days spent at the lake as summer drew to a close. G loved sitting in his bouncer on the counter at the lake house and watching the comings and goings, or rocking in a chair outside on the patio. Everyone enjoyed stopping to say hello and trying their hardest to get a little smile. G loved to watch the trees outside, keep an eye on his big brother, or have a snooze while rocking on the patio.

We took a road trip to my parents, and the boys got to meet their new cousin J (born just a month after G in mid-August). These boys are sure to get into a great deal of mischief together no doubt! We also snuck in G's first John Deere tractor ride with Uncle T and big brother C. Maybe we'll have to get a combine ride sometime during harvest season!

First trip to the library with Big Brother C. 

C has taken to calling G 'ope-eyes Gam', and exclaims about a million times a day about how he has 'ope-eyes'. It starts with a timid half whispered question 'ope-eyes?'...and quickly escalates to a 'OPE-EYES!' exclamation when C hunts him down and determines he does in fact have open eyes. I imagine this contributes to G's lack of napping. If I had someone yelling in my face about having 'ope-eyes', I probably wouldn't sleep either. It's a good thing for car rides and longer walks in the stroller...without them, I'm not sure G would ever get his eyes shut! Very curious about the world this one!

G got to attend his first football game this month in Spencer, as my hometown and papa T's hometown had a matchup. We lasted about a quarter and a half before G was over the experience and ready to go home. I wore him facing in in my Ergo carrier, but I think based on how squirmy he was, that he would have much rather watched from the sidelines so he could see what was going on. We may have to get a carrier that he can face outward to see everything before its all said and done!

G has been sleeping through the night since about 5 1/2 weeks old. He started going from about midnight-7 a.m., and then within a week or so had transitioned to 9:30p.m.-7a.m. He also transitioned to finally sleeping flat on his back in the bassinet (he had previously been sleeping strictly in the Rocck'N'Play at night) right around the time he started sleeping through. Coincidence? Maybe. He still has zero interest in sleeping flat on his back for a nap during the day, and typically only sleeps if he is being held or we are in the car or on a walk and he is in his car seat.

G a s notorious for blowouts. Unlike C, who has never had a true blowout that I can remember, G has one at least every other day. We don't go anywhere without making sure to have an extra outfit or two along! The number of times we've had to use that second outfit amazes me! Here we are at Duke's...the first restaurant G ever had the pleasure of going to. blowouts during dinner!

Blurry I know...but can you believe this kid?...two months old, and near crawling!

After enjoying the 2016 Olympic Games (the boys got to watch all different kinds of sports), September brought with it the return of college football, and the start of the Iowa Hawkeye football season. C has been loving it...his second favorite word is 'Hawkeyes' after 'op-eyes'. G enjoys being part of the game day experience, and has liked sitting with Papa T and napping through the game all snuggled on his lap.

Early September marked the beginning of Hawkeye football season, and with it, a LOT of family Hawkeye viewing parties! We are planning to take the boys to Iowa City for the University of Iowa homecoming game in October, so we've been reading lots of Hawkeye books around here, and re-watching old Hawkeye games to get ready!

This month brought smiles! The first smile was on September 2nd, and G saved it for mom. Sooooo sweet. He is generally most smiley in the mornings after waking up and getting a diaper change. I think the changing pad on top of the dresser in our master bedroom might be his favorite spot! He loves to be talked to and his eyes are so wide taking it all in that I think they can see right into your soul. Such a little doll.

C continues to be a great big brother, and loves little G so much. He gets particularly excited about 'holding' him, and hops right up on the couch or chair the minute it is mentioned. He loves when G is laying on the floor, and wastes no time joining him. There have been a couple of occasions that C has tried to pick up G, but thankfully, I have always been close by to stop him!

We rounded out month two with the first of several family trips to the Clay County Fair (stay tuned for more on our visits!)

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