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Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! This week breezed right by, and we are heading into a long end-of-summer holiday weekend. Can you believe it is Labor Day already?! I didn't think so...This weekend officially marks the end of the main tourism season at the lake, and the beginning of football season. I hope you all stay safe and have a great holiday weekend!

Our favorite time of year is kicking off this weekend with the Iowa Hawkeyes taking on Miami of Ohio. In case you are going to the game and planning to take a purse along...know this. Oh...and one of my go-to Hawkeye apparel stores has 20% off storewide with code: GoBig10 You're welcome.

You guys...if you are expecting, or have a little person in your life, you need to know about these journals. After seeing them featured on quite a few Instagram accounts I follow...and being on the hunt for what seems like forever for just exactly this, I ordered one for both of my boys. The journal covers all three trimesters of pregnancy, every month of baby's first year, and a then a yearly update through 18 years old. I'm absolutely looooving them, and know my little people will love to look back at them one day when they have kiddos of their own. They give prompts for things to write about at certain ages, and have spots for a standout picture from each age plus extra pages for additional journaling. Amazing. Go-to baby shower gift perhaps!? 

I ordered C this toddler pillow after he has been grabbing the throw pillow off the chair in his room all week and dragging it into his crib in the middle of the night. As Grandpa T would say...the kid has a reach!

I came across these diaper bag organizer bags this week, and am debating adding a couple to my collection. I love how they are color coded, and think they'd be great for helping to find things quickly. Also loving these, but not sure about the pre-labeled tabs.

I attended a Thirty-One party a couple of weeks ago, and my order is set to arrive today. I can't wait to use my new thermal bags (here & here) for traveling to and from tailgates or picnics this fall! I'm also loving this larger thermal tote, and may have to consider adding it to my collection. In case you're wondering, I got the black and white print with a gold monogram. #gohawks

And, before I go, a couple more precious pictures to share from this morning's impromptu photo shoot. C loving on his little brother, and baby G giving me his first official toothless smile. Perfect way to kick off the weekend! #lovelovelove

Happy weekend-ing!

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