Week 38

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 38 an update

How far along: 38 weeks

Best moment this week: 
I finally took the time to get my hospital bag packed this week...or at least partially packed. I still need to finalize a coming home outfit for myself, and get my makeup and bath gear in the bag, but I'm currently using those items on the daily, so I won't be putting them in my bag until 'go time'. In other news, I convinced T to put together the bassinet and get it ready to go in our room. It was a good 'Daddy & Me' project for C, and every day since, he has been dragging me over to it to show me and tell me all about how he helped dad put it together. C & I also got out some other baby gear this week that he has been climbing all over and being super curious about. A good idea to get it out before baby arrives if you have a toddler at home! Quench the curiosity!

Maternity clothes: 
Yes...mainly rocking dresses (above dress old, similar bodycon styles here & here) and maxi skirts with maternity tops and tanks these days since I never invested in any maternity shorts. I have, on occasion, put on some workout shorts, but I honestly haven't been doing much walking or working out lately since it's been either super hot or raining, and my Dr. recommended not straying too far from home on any walks I do go on.

I started sleeping with an extra pillow between my knees this week, and I think it has helped my sleep quality significantly. I'll be honest, I'm still not super comfortable rolling over or getting up, but having a pillow between my knees has helped to relieve some of the pressure off my hips and back. Each night, I go to bed thinking this may be the last night of reasonable quality sleep I get in quite a while, so I'll take it! Uninterrupted sleep is a wonderful thing!

Miss Anything: 
Cooler weather. We have had a hot hot summer so far, and I would definitely be more comfortable in the 75-80 degree range than I am in these 80-95 degree temps we've been experiencing lately. I imagine this will be even more of an issue after baby arrives and we are truly unable to get outside with the heat since babies can not regulate their body temperature.

Baby Movement: 
Yes, although movement has definitely slowed down this week as baby continues to run out of room. I'll be honest, slowed down movement makes me nervous, and I'm going to be making sure I'm doing a solid job of counting kicks during baby's most active time of day to stay ahead of any potential issues.

Flavored LaCroix water has been hitting the spot with this heat, and I also enjoyed cracking open a bottle of non-alcoholic Fre Chardonnay. Since the alcohol has been removed, this wine is obviously not as good as the real thing, but not bad either for a non-alcoholic wine that doesn't just taste like grape juice. I think I may have to stock up on a couple of bottles for after baby arrives and I'm still unable to enjoy the real stuff on the reg while nursing. Fre wine is available online, or in stores at Target, along with a random smattering of other locations you can search via the Fre website. Personally, I was not too impressed with the red options as they did taste more like grape juice. The Brut is a solid choice if you have something to celebrate.

I've had some Braxton Hicks on and off this week, but nothing with any sort of consistent pattern that would indicate oncoming labor. I didn't really have any contractions leading up to when C arrived either (except during actual labor), so if this time goes anything like the last, baby will just come when baby is good and ready...preferably close to a weekend or on T's day off!

Looking forward to: 
Meeting this babe! C was born at 37.5 weeks, so I'm in new territory from here moving forward. I have a pedicure scheduled this afternoon, and I'm hoping the massage portion of it will trigger my body into labor. Could be wishful thinking, but I'm convinced that's what did the trick with C, so you just never know. T & I had the pleasure to meet and snuggle a friend's newborn over the weekend, and it made us realize just how much C has grown, and how tiny and adorable infants are. 

On my mind:
Every night when I go through the bedtime routine with C, I wonder if it will be the last time I will enjoy one-on-one snuggles, stories, and night-night kisses with him as an only child. The same applies in the morning when I go in his room to get him up for the day and he greets me with the biggest smile and hug before grabbing his blanket and demanding a story. He is so full of joy in his current perfect little life that it just about breaks my heart knowing that his entire world is about to be rocked with the impending arrival of his new sibling. I'm positive that he will be a wonderful big brother as he has such a gentle little soul, but it it still makes me a bit of an emotional wreck reflecting on all of the wonderful and amazing memories we have had with our little C as an only child, and the fact that this chapter will soon be coming to a close. As we transition into life with a new baby, I can only hope that we will find our groove and continue to build many new and wonderful memories as a family of four.

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