Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An update on motor milestones. If you've been following along, you'll know that C has been a bit of a late bloomer in all things motor milestone wise. We don't really have a definitive reason as to why...could be he is off-the-charts tall for his age...he was a born a little early so he's behind a little bit...he's nervous to try new things...he's not around other kids on a daily basis to learn from his peers...he broke his leg right when he was getting the hang of things...etc. Any way you slice it, it has been a source of much stress and frustration for T & I over the past year or so.

In case you missed it, C began physical therapy just after turning nine months old at the recommendation of his doctor, and continued with weekly appointments until about 15 months...a.k.a. when we met the max appointments our insurance would cover for physical therapy. He tends to wait to do things until he is absolutely positive he knows exactly how to do them rather than waste his time with the try, try again approach, so having a therapist work with him doing water therapy and regular therapy with some infant specific tools at their hands was...we'd like to believe...helpful. Grandma S says this is quite possibly a trait he picked up from papa T as he was quite apprehensive as a little boy, and very cautious to try new things. Either way, C has come a looong way in the past several months, and we are soooo proud of him for finally reaching these big milestones. Now if we could only get him to start talking and learn some more words!

For the record..C's motor milestones:

Rolls from back to side: 5 months
Rolls front to back: 7 months
Sits on his own: 8 months
Rolls back to front: 9 months
Stands against furniture without help: 11 months
Army Crawls: 1 year
Pushes into a sitting position: 13 months
Pulls Up: 14 months
Climbs stairs: 15 months
Breaks leg: 15 months...womp womp...
Furniture Cruises: 16 months
Crawls on hands and knees: 17 months
Climbs up on furniture: 19 Months
Walks: 19 Months - JANUARY 1, 2016...A great start to the new year!
Stands without grabbing onto furniture: 21 Months

I believe it is quite likely that the big milestones like cruising and walking probably would have been reached sooner if C hadn't broken his leg right when he was really starting to get the hang of things. Lately, he has been making leaps and bounds and surprises us every day with new tricks. A trick I'd LOVE to see? Getting him to climb into the car and crawl into his car seat on his own! A girl can dream right!?!

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