Family Photos Fall 2015 Edition

Monday, December 21, 2015

Back in October, before all of the leaves fell off and we were graced with temps in the 30s, our lovely photographer was able to snap some new family pics for us to cherish for years to come. C was about midway through his 17th month with us on picture day, and full of little boy feistiness. No joke, at the end of our session, T & I were BOTH convinced that it was highly unlikely that we got a single good picture with everyone smiling or even just looking at the camera after C decided about 30 seconds into the hour-long shoot that he wasn't really all about getting his picture taken. Well...I'm happy to report that our photographer is an rockstar, and somehow managed to walk away with a surprising amount of good options to choose from. 

Just in case there is any confusion that our photo shoot went exactly as planned and turned out just perfectly, think again. Here are a couple that made it through the editing process...just so we could remember how much fun we all had!

'So you want a knuckle sandwich huh?'

'Must escape!'

'If I resist hard enough, maybe she'll loosen her vice grip.'

'I'm not impressed.'

I'm convinced that C knew that I needed horizontal pictures for my gallery wall, and therefore choose not to cooperate in any of them that we were all actually looking at the camera and smiling. Ugh.

Of course, when C got to be the center of attention and have a picture by himself with three of us entertaining him, he was perfectly at ease with giving us all a great big smile. Go figure.

At some point, you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

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