No More Cast!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yesterday, was a day to celebrate. Yes...yes...Labor Day weekend and the official arrival of football season were also a great reason to do a little extra celebrating, but yesterday...C got to have his cast removed! Can I get a hooo-rah!?!

After just over three weeks with the cast on, C went back to the orthopedic surgeon Tuesday morning for an X-ray to check if his leg was all healed up. Over the weekend he was getting pretty antsy, and was trying to walk and even pulled himself up a few stairs, so the timing of everything couldn't have lined up better. Back in the ortho clinic...only a few melt-down's later...C was absolutely terrified of the ladies trying to get him set up for the X-ray...and terrified again of the saw cutting the cast off...we got to leave...without a cast on...and will hopefully never have to return! Nothing against the clinic or staff themselves, who were wonderful to work with, but having your newly minted one year old break his leg is certianly not the most wonderful parenting experience we've ever had.

 Three weeks may not seem like much time in the grand scheme of things, but when you have a little boy who loves swimming...bath time...playing in the sand...etc, and isn't supposed to get his cast wet or dirty...or do much trouble making of any sort...three weeks really started to drag on when we hit the halfway mark and C's leg had healed enough for him to want to be moving around again. He was such a little trooper the entire time, and only just this last week or so did he really start to feel hampered down by the fact that his leg was in a cast. Prior to breaking his leg, he had wanted to walk so badly, and was really getting the hang of things. Now, because he hasn't been able to use his leg for the last three weeks, his doctor says we can expect him to revert back for a few weeks until he gets the swing of things and builds the muscle back up. Hopefully he'll be able to bounce back on his own and won't need any additional physical therapy since we've already maxed out for the year with our insurance! We did end up keeping the cast for now, and may have to tuck it away in a memory box for C to look at some day when he is older. Hopefully we can all look back and laugh! Fingers crossed that this is the worst injury C will ever have to endure!

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