Splish Splash!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Splish Splash! Summertime and hot weather are perfect reasons to have fun playing outdoors in the water, and we have been taking full advantage. C snagged this awesome water table set-up from Grandma S at his first birthday, and he's been having so much fun splashing around with his boats and water squirties as a way too cool off. Worthy of a least a full hour of entertainment!! 

The water table has been great to help C work on his balance while standing up. It's the perfect height for him to hold onto while giving him a sense of stability using his own muscles without having to hold onto our hands to balance. I'm sure it will be even more exciting once he figures out he can cruise all around it after learning to pick up his feet and shuffle right and left.

Huh? How does this water wheel work? A source of fascination. C loved trying to get this figured out, and watching as I filled up the reservoir with water and the wheel started splashing and turning. Great for teaching cause and effect! C is just starting to learn this skill, so hasn't figured out that he can fill the reservoir himself yet, but it is fun to watch him while he takes it all in trying to understand it. Of course, after the reservoir emptied, Inspector C was back at it again, and had to pull the tower over to see why it wasn't working anymore!

Determination! After C had the boats all figured out, he moved on to splashing. As you can tell, this was a job that needed focusing!

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