Carter's First Birthday

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Over Memorial Day weekend, we celebrated C's first birthday with ALL of the family. Everyone arrived while C was still napping, and when he woke up, he was in complete shock to see all of his favorites waiting to help ring in his newly minted status as a one year old. 

C's party didn't have much of a theme other than...'Hey everybody...I'm ONE!'. I suppose you could stretch and say it was a picnic or BBQ themed party, but in general, I've found...simple is best when it comes to party throwing. That being said, I did of course DIY a few decorations for the party. I made this chalkboard sign to commemorate C's one-year-old self, picked up a few red gingham napkins and some petunias for table decorations, made a Happy Birthday banner, and put together the tassel banner using the pictures I've been taking of C every month of his first year. Such fun to look back at each month and see how much he's grown and changed since we first brought him home!

Let's not forget the piece de resistance! T was up pretty much the entire night before the party playing pit master to about 30lbs of pork on his smoker. Not only did he refuse to make it ahead of time, he may have slightly vastly overestimated how much meat we actually needed for the party (that being said, my mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious leftovers waiting in our freezer). After nearly 24 hours on the smoker, the flavor was pretty amazing, and he got to bask in the glory of it all before C stole the spotlight.

After lunch, the birthday boy had to have his own cake to smash. I'm not sure what he liked more, smashing the cake and tasting the frosting, or all of the attention on him!

The highlights of the gift opening for C were the birthday cards and gift tags. Surprisingly, he wasn't too interested in tearing open the wrapping paper, or ripping up tissue paper. He was, however, determined to read each and every card and gift tag before showing any interest in the gift itself. Another favorite was this John Deere sippy cup. I have no idea why, and hasn't actually figured out how to drink from it yet, but he certainly loved looking at all of the farm equipment pictured on it! 

Here, C and cousin J were trying to figure out how to work the bell on C's new tricycle. A source of fascination for many days to come!

Awww shucks...thanks everyone!

Happy Birthday C!

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