Ten & Eleven Month Favorites

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No joke, ten and eleven month favorites took me a while to come up with. Things that immediately came to mind were empty plastic water bottles, napkins, and cardboard boxes. After a little more pondering, I realized that while those things have certainly played a large part in the last couple of months, there are some other items that have been regular staples in recent days that are also probably worth a mention. So without further adieu...

Ten and Eleven Month Favorites

Melissa & Doug Flapping Fish // We can't seem to get enough of this wooden flapping fish at our house. C has been fascinated shaking the fish around and getting it to make noise. We thought this wouldn't even come close to being a favorite, but for whatever reason, it seems to hold C's attention longer than most, and he will often reach for it instead of many of his other more annoying brightly colored rattles and shakers.

Food Pouches // With all of the traveling we've been doing lately, we've been loving baby food pouches for on the go meals. They are quick, easy, and convenient. We aren't specific about the brand, and usually mix it up choosing options that sounds the most appetizing. Also loving this set from OXO that includes a travel friendly roll-up bib, and soft spoon. C has been teething and wanting to chew on everything, so the hard plastic baby spoons have been hurting his gums when he chomps down. The soft silicon on the OXO spoon is the perfect solution. As he transitions to feeding himself, I plan to get him this feeding set.

Construction Equipment // Boys and their trucks...many hours have been spent playing with this dump truck and backhoe. Dumping out blocks, flipping it over to inspect the wheels, you name it. The small backhoe is the perfect size for little hands to grasp, chew on, or bring along on road trips.

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub // Bath time around our house is always quite the event, and we couldn't be happier with Munchkin's inflatable duck tub. It is perfect for babies who are sitting, but don't need the space of the entire bathtub just yet. It has a nice little sticker on the bottom that tells you when the bath water is too hot, and provides more support for slippery little water babies than the big tub. Because it's inflatable, it can be packed away when baby grows out of it unlike our infant baby tub. These rubber boat party water squirties have also been a huge hit for bath time fun and swimming, and come in many different styles if your little isn't into boats.

Fleece Jacket // C had a fleece jacket and pant set from Baby Gap that he wore about three times a week all spring. Sadly, the fleece version is no longer available as we're gearing up for summer weather (lightweight version here), but The North Face has some equally warm and cozy looking jacket options (here, here, here, here), that we'll be keeping in mind for the coming fall.

Water Bottles // Empty...half full...or filled with shells and rocks, C LOVES playing, shaking, and crinkling plastic water bottles. Better yet if it's a giant Gatorade bottle. Cheap entertainment at it's finest!

I Am A Little Tiger // C LOVES this book, and gets a giant smile on his face whenever he gets it in his grips. He loves 'reading' this book, and the title itself gets his immediate attention before he even looks at any of the pictures. This is part of the Little Barron series of books, and based on how much C likes this one and I Am A Big Dinosaur, we'll likely be collecting a few more before it's all said and done. The story within is unique and educational about a baby tiger growing up in the jungle, and how it will learn to hunt, swim, and be brave just like it's mother when it grows up. Such a great book for little boys!

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