Winter Sledding Adventures

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A little over two weeks ago, was what I'd like to think of as the last hurrah of winter in our little neck of the woods (knock on wood). After a super looooong freezing cold January and February where most days were spent indoors longing for temps to consistently hit above 30 degrees, the weather finally turned itself around just in time for us to test out C's new sled before all of the snow melted. After being gifted this awesome sled from L.L.Bean over the holidays, we had been looking forward to a day that wasn't too cold or blustery for C, with enough snow to make it a little less slick to walk on the ice covered lake. After nearly an entire winter without any significant amount of snow accumulation, near the end of February, we finally got a few inches of snow and a day just above freezing that we had been hoping for.

 Before our sledding adventure, C had never spent any significant amount of time outside during the winter aside from quick trips to and from the car, so T & I weren't really sure what to expect. Was he going to hate it? love it? somewhere in between? As with most things concerning C, he couldn't be bothered by a little cold weather, and was completely at ease just sitting in his new sled and taking in the views of the ice and snow on the lake as we pulled him along the shoreline. #chill

In the last couple of weeks, the temps have finally started to heat up, and over the weekend the lake opened up behind our home, and the ice went out of East Lake. The grass is starting to show hints of green, the migrating birds are back, there are buds on the trees, and signs of spring are abundant in northwest Iowa. While we are super excited to be outside again without coats, we're thankful to have sledding to look forward to next winter!

Happy to be inside warming up after a long sled ride on the lake!

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