Six & Seven Month Favorites

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

At long last...our six and seven month favorites!

Six and Seven Month Favorites

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat // This baby base is used on a daily basis in our home. It has better back and side support than a standard high chair, tray storage underneath, and has a removable seat insert so that it can grow with baby. It is portable and can also strap onto the top of a chair at the dinner table if you opted not to get a regular high chair.

BEABA Babycook Pro // I've had so much fun making fresh baby food for C, and this kitchen tool has made it so easy. It steams and purees food all in one utensil cutting down on extra dishes, and makes just the right amount to have some leftover to freeze. Did I mention it only takes about 10-20 minutes? Now that we are branching out from oatmeal and incorporating more fresh veggies and fruits, I've been enjoying perusing several baby food cookbooks for inspiration. No clear favorites yet, but I'll be sure to share what I think of them as I start making more interesting recipes than single ingredient purees.

NUK Mash & Serve Bowl // This little bowl has become a staple in our kitchen. Great for mashing bananas, avocados, you name it. The masher works infinitely better than a fork for getting the right consistency for a newly minted solid foods eater with no teeth. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo // C LOVES to bounce around in the Jumparoo. It took a while for him to warm up to it and build up enough strength to be able to hold his head up for longer than five minutes, but now that he can, he thinks this toy is just about the greatest ever. It's so funny to watch him bouncing around. Pure joy!

Sophie The Giraffe // Yes, our kid has Sophie. One of T's patients so kindly asked 'Oh, your kid has Sophie, the $20 teether, too?' when T mentioned the toy by name after recognizing it in the grips of another babe in his office the other day. $20 aside, Sophie with her squeaks, chew-ability, and many angles for small hands and mouths to explore, has become a big time favorite in our house.  In my opinion, worth the whole $20 for how many hours it has occupied our little man. 

Skwish Stix Ball // This ball is all about discovery. It squishes, rattles, and rolls, and C gets a kick out of trying to throw it and figure out how the bungee cords work.

Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks // Now that we have firmly established three solid food meals a day, diaper changes have moved from what T & I termed the 'popcorn stink' of an exclusively breastfed-based diet to just plain awful smelling. These bags are scented like baby powder, and do a wonderful job of containing the stink without having to purchase that ugly diaper genie and storing dirty diapers for days and days before it gets full enough to empty. Diaper bag sized packages are also available.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox // At this age, many babies attach themselves to something that makes them feel secure. For many, that's a favorite blankie or baby doll. For our little guy, it may just be this adorable fox. He gets the biggest grin on his face and reaches for it immediately when he sees it coming. Since we don't let him sleep with blankets or stuffed animals in his crib yet, it's hard to know if this will become the item we can't leave the house without, but for now, it's on the favorites list.

Books // I'm not sure if C has specific favorites, but I can tell you that when he's in a chewing read-it-myself mode the Amazing Baby Feel & Learn book has occupied the need. This and his Jellycat Fishy Tails books have been favorites for reading on his own, while some of our favorite board books to read are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Pout Pout Fish, Little Blue Truck, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, Room On A Broom, Goodnight Moon and anything that has a good cadence. We added many new books to the library over the holidays, so it's been fun to discover some new stories and switch out some that we've memorized over the past several months.

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