Christmas Wishes: A Man's List

Monday, December 1, 2014

T has been giving me ideas for his Christmas list this year pretty much since the day after Christmas last year. I'll take it! Sometimes, he struggles with finding a single thing he'd like, but that's definitely not the case this time around! Thanks T for making your Christmas shopping so easy this year!

A Manly Man's Christmas Wish List

ECCO Helsinki Bicycle Toe Tie Shoes // T has been wearing the same pair of beat up black shoes to work now for about the last 3 years. While they worked great and did what they were supposed to, it's time for an upgrade. You can only clean and polish shoes so much before you just have to pull the plug and get some new kicks. He's got his eye on these ECCO brand Helsinki black lace-up shoes in size 12-12.5 (this is not two sizes, this is one size - just how this brands sizing works) after trying them on and falling in love being impressed with how comfortable they are for standing all day long at work. These shoes are near the top of T's list this year.

KUIU Camo & Browning Strike Force 10MP Trail Camera // We have my brother N to thank for these additions to T's Christmas list this year. Highly knowledgeable and well read on all things hunting and camo, N has convinced T that the KUIU brand of camo is the best out there. Since learning of this new brand of camo, it's pretty much all T can think of, and hovers right at the top of the list as well (He is aware that everything he's got picked out is currently on backorder, and is more than happy to wait for it). Specifically, on his list are: OUTER LAYERS // Guide Jacket (size XL) and Guide Pant (size 34) and BASE LAYERS // ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-T (size L) and ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-Off Bottom (size L) all in Vias Camo color. Also, after watching a VIDEO CLIP from N's trail cam, T is convinced he needs this Browning Strike Force Trail Cam as well. Happy Hunting!

Reed & Barton Windsor Pewter Julep Cups // Since last year's Derby, T has been adamant that he have official mint julep cups before next year's races. He spent countless hours perusing the many different options available, and has landed on these as his favorite. Speaking of barware, these Reed & Barton Crystal Soho Martini Glasses are also pretty high on the list.

Golf Galaxy Gift Card // When the ground isn't covered in snow, T enjoys getting out on the greens to hit some balls. For over a year now, he's been wishing for new golf clubs. He's got them narrowed down to a set he tested at Golf Galaxy over the summer, and wants to get them custom sized for his build. New clubs don't come cheap, so gift cards would be highly appreciated on this quest for new clubs.

Kindle Paperwhite // T is all about a Kindle these days for an easy-on-the-eyes alternative to reading books on his iPad. No, picking up an actual book has never even crossed his mind. The Paperwhite E-Reader is great because not only is it no-glare and compact, but it also has a backlight to adjust the light for reading at night. This leather cover in onyx would be just the thing to protect a new Kindle.

Minnetonka Slippers // Post-workday, there is nothing more that T loves than getting out of work clothes and into something cozy. He spotted these pile lined hardsole Minnetonka slippers in brown (size 12), and has had them on his mind ever since.

iPhone // T's phone has seen far FAR better days. He gets misty-eyed looking at all of the people in the world with iPhones, and would love nothing more than a new Apple product to add to his collection.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer // T got a new smoker for his birthday, and has been obsessed with his new hobby ever since. He's decided he'd like a food saver to help seal up those yummy leftovers help avoid freezer burn for devouring at a later date. The FoodSaver model V4850 has excellent reviews and should do the trick. Speaking of smoked meats...if you know of a good butcher anywhere locally, T would be very interested in a fresh-from-the-meat-locker hookup where he could go to pick out some specific cuts of meat to try smoking!

Spotting Scope // T has a serious love of nature, and thinks a scope would be just the thing to watch all of the wildlife in the area. I know nothing about how to pick one out, but I'm sure many of you reading this have all of the necessary information right at your fingertips.

As of today, nearly everything on this list is fair game. I will likely use a few ideas from this list as well, so if you want to lay claim to any of it, let me know, and I'll be sure to choose something different!

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