Weekend Recap

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ahhhh weekends...how wonderful you are, but how I wish you were longer. Over the weekend, T and I made the trek to Iowa City for the Iowa vs. Purdue game at Kinnick Stadium. It was a Veterans Day affair, and to show our thanks and support, the University had 250 Vets at the game to roll out a GIANT American flag that engulfed the entire field. Seriously neat stuff. I should probably mention there was also a flyover. Cool, but will never be able to compete with THE FLYOVER from the 2010 Ohio State Game. Now THAT was amazing.

The weather was absolutely beautiful except for a tiny 2 minute rain shower during the game, and temps were in the 70s. Not much more you can ask for during the middle of November in the midwest. Unfortunately, this was the last game of the year for T, and although the game was close, the Hawks weren't able to pull off the win, and lost 27-24. We did get a chance to fit in a stop at one of our favorite sushi restaurants in town, 3 Samurai, meet up with some friends we don't see too often, and enjoy the tailgating, so the trip wasn't a complete loss.

On another note, it was pretty much a blizzard here in La Crosse today when I looked outside this morning. Unreal how we can go from having absolutely wonderful weekend weather, to having some serious snow 2 days later. I really hope this is not a sign for the coming winter!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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