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Friday, July 8, 2016

Thoughts on a Friday...

I may have entered 'nesting mode' today. C & I spent the greater part of the morning getting out baby gear and doing some cleaning...C is such a great little helper when it comes to cleaning, that I'd love to surprise him with this vacuum so he could really help me out!

I'm feeling a bit guilty about the fact that the new baby does not, and will not, have a nursery set up to come home to. I've had about three different people ask me if the nursery was all ready to go in the last week, and each time, I've felt a twinge of guilt that this babe doesn't have a space of it's own. Our home has two bedrooms on the main floor, and they are both currently occupied. C is still contentedly sleeping in his crib in the 'nursery', and I don't think he's quite at a point where he's ready to transition to a twin bed on a separate floor. Not to mention I'm not too keen to test the waters right before bringing home a newborn. C's current room is too small to have a shared setup with a crib and a twin bed, so until he's ready, or new baby drives us to our breaking point, we'll plan to have the new baby in T & I's room. C shared our room for eight months before completely transitioning to his own room, so my fingers are crossed that this newest little bundle of joy can make it in our room for at least six months until C is a little older and more ready for a twin bed.

As I've been digging out, sorting through, and organizing items for the new baby, I've been thinking about baby gear we might like to have for baby #2. You can see my wishlist/baby registry HERE.

I recently stumbled across a blog post about traveling with kids that got me thinking about our next big adventure. We usually try to travel somewhere during the late Fall-early Spring, and it's always fun to scout out potential future trips. Anyways...back to my point...this particular blog pointed me in the direction of Kid & Coe, a vacation rental site that offers homes geared specifically to people traveling with families. So far, I've only done minimal browsing, but it looks like there are some excellent options that are definitely worth checking out...particularly if traveling with a larger group or multiple families. Anyone want to go on vacation with us?!

Unless this baby decides to come today or tomorrow, I'm looking forward to attending my very first play at the Okoboji Summer Theatre tomorrow night with a group of friends and spouses I've met through a local mom's group I'm in. We're grabbing dinner before the show at Maxwell's with the friends we're going to the show with, but I've got my fingers crossed that T & I will have another chance before baby comes to sneak out for a dinner date at the new Water's Edge Grille which has been getting some seriously amazing word-of-mouth hype. I've heard it being called the best restaurant at the lake, and for obvious reasons, I feel that we need to check it out!

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