Second Birthday Wishes

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As I sit here typing out this post, I can hardly believe the fact that C will be turning two years old in just a couple of short weeks. Where has the time gone!? As he gets older and grows more independent, and his future sibling's arrival draws nearer with each passing day, I am reminded to cherish every moment we have with him at this fun age. Here's a little list of some things I think he'd have so much fun with for his birthday this year.

Second Birthday Wishlist

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug // C would be sure to have a blast on this tiger wheely bug (size large). He has outgrown his ride-on combine, and isn't quite ready for pedals or motor-operated toys just yet. This tiger would be fun for him to ride indoors, and would be great for working on balance and coordination.

Swing // When you are just two, but are the size of most three year olds, some toys just need an upgrade. C has reached the last few days he is able to use his outdoor swing that he loved so much last summer and fall. He's got such a long torso that the straps just barely go over his shoulders, and he'd definitely be more comfortable this summer in this standard toddler-sized swing.

Golf Set // C has recently discovered T's golf clubs, and is completely in love. The other night, he drug around a golf club in the driveway and front yard for a good hour before having a meltdown because it was time to go in the house. He'd have fun learning how to golf with Dad with this set, and would be able to take it to the golf course for a father-son golf outing.

Basketball Hoop // C absolutely LOVES to play ball, and would be sooooo excited to have his very own basketball hoop to practice his jump shot.

Broom Set & Vacuum // C is quite the little helper when it comes to cleaning...or should I say the main reason I spend half of my day cleaning to begin with! He loves to mop and help vacuum, and I have no doubt that these cleaning supplies his own size would be a sure hit.

Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket // T & I purchased C a regular style lifejacket for boat rides and everyday use, but this life jacket is specifically designed for 'learning to swim', and would be great for using at the pool, YMCA, or swimming in the lake later this summer.

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator // C discovered a pull along toy on a recent mommy-son date, and he got a real kick out of watching how it follows and bobs along behind him as he pulled the string.

Little People City Skyway & Wheelies // A great indoor toy for rainy days and times when C's newest sibling and I need a minute of inside play. C has been all about his cars, trucks, and tractors lately, so he'd be sure to have fun with this toy.

Hope this helps those of you who have asked for a wishlist! If you have any other ideas, we would welcome anything that would be good for solo-play, sensory, or educational for a two-year-old. It's going to be a very VERY busy summer at our house, and probably like all soon-to-be mama's of two, one of my biggest concerns is how to make the transition from one to two kiddos go as smoothly as possible all while keeping C happy, busy, and entertained as we adjust to being a family of four.

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