Week 28

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 28 an update

How far along: 28 weeks

Best moment this week: 
I passed my glucose test!! Woot woot! I should mention this was not without leaving with an arm that looks like it got ran over by a train. Seriously though. Sometimes when I have blood drawn, I don't bruise at all, and other times I leave looking like I was just in an accident. T says I had a hematoma - basically, the stick stopped bleeding externally, but internally kept bleeding, and thus the black and blue all down my arm. Ick. I was surprised to find that even with all the extra sugar - 50 grams of straight dextrose - and my morning cup of coffee before my appointment, baby's heartbeat still came in strong and steady at 150 bpm...the same exact heart rate of my last four appointments when I didn't have any extra sugar or coffee beforehand!

Maternity clothes: 
Yes. Here I'm wearing these Gap jean capris, BeMaternity Ingrid & Isabel seamless cami (love these for layering!), and Motherhood 3/4 sleeve top (old, similar here). My general rule for any post-baby clothing purchases for myself is that everything must be nursing friendly, and not form fitting. I've never been big on form-fitting clothing, which is great because so many of today's styles are drapey and flowing, but making sure the straps can easily slide off my shoulders, there are buttons up the front, or it is loose enough to easily layer a nursing cami underneath are absolute necessities for my clothing for at least the first six months of this new baby's life. In case you are looking for some reasonably priced options, I just picked up some great finds at LOFT outlet. Buy one get one free elastic waist shorts!? Yes please!!

Still getting up relatively early. I'd love to get a pregnancy pillow to sleep with, but I'm just not sure I can justify the cost for something that I will only need for the next three months.

Miss Anything: 
I'd love to be able to run to Jimmy Johns and have a sub without asking for the meat on the side for once. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about...pregnant ladies are supposed to stay away from all cold meat for fear of listeria which can cause serious problems for baby. This means no cold meat sandwiches, cold meat on salads, meat & cheese trays, or even leftover pizza! Boooo...

Baby Movement: 
Yes. Usually pretty active around 11a.m. I've noticed.

Still sweets. No jokes, dinner one night this week was just strawberry shortcake and chocolate ice cream. Lucky for me, T was happy to eat dessert for dinner and C had already eaten a more balanced meal, so I didn't feel too bad about it. :)

Nothing new to report here this week. Just feeling tired - likely from staying up too late reading Game of Thrones book 2 for T & I's little book club, then getting up earlier than usual because my bladder is getting stomped on.

Looking forward to: 
It's Mother's Day this weekend, and I'm looking forward to hopefully doing something fun with my family. I'm spending Saturday with Mama J and the girls celebrating my soon-to-be sister-in-law, and then who knows what on Sunday? Brunch, planting flowers, and spending time outside perhaps?! Maybe I can even convince T to fire up the grill and make me a mocktail!

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