Leaving On a Jet Plane...with a Baby...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Next week, we are leaving town for an early spring getaway to the sunshine state. In preparation for the trip, I put together some of the essentials we'll be taking with us to make flying with a kiddo in tow a little less stressful. We've successfully flown with C once before when he was just six months old, and now that he's a little older, I've added a few new items to our list that we'll be bringing along to test out.

Leaving On a Jet Plane Baby Edition

 It goes without saying that we'll obviously be bringing plenty of diapers, wipes, burp clothes, a few books, Sophie, a couple of toys, and an extra change of clothes for both C & I in case of any unforeseen accidents. To get C excited for our trip, I picked up a couple of new board books that are all about airplanes, a some special new airplane pajamas, and a toy airplane that he's been practicing zooming around all week. On recommendation from another new mama who has flown with a baby, I purchased pipSquigz to surprise C with a new toy to play with on the flight. They have suction cups on the end, can be stuck together or to the seat-back tray table, are made of soft silicone that can be chewed on, and can be banged around without making too much noise to annoy our fellow passengers. I'll also be bringing along a soft blanket to prop behind him for comfort when he needs to eat, or if he gets cold or decides to take a snooze.

As far as the gear we're going to be lugging along for the trip, we'll be taking C's new car seat (sadly, he outgrew the smaller, and easier to haul around infant car seat a couple of months ago), and the BOB which might be the only stroller around that can handle walks on the beach. To protect the BOB, this travel bag does a great job, and is made of high quality materials with rollers to make it easier to wheel around the airport - think suitcase for a stroller. Many airlines allow a car seat and stroller for free when traveling with a kiddo, so we'll be taking full advantage of taking our gear along on this trip rather than renting or buying things when we arrive. We used this car seat bag to protect C's car seat on our last trip, and while it's definitely not super high-quality or built to last, after lining it with some red duct tape to reinforce the seams, it will do the job of keeping the car seat clean and protected from the any dust or grease it might come into contact with while stowed below. To get the car seat from our vehicle, through security, and to our gate as painlessly as possible, I purchased this car seat travel cart to help make our time at the airport less stressful. It connects easily using the LATCH system, and doesn't require any screws or significant amount of time to set up. If we ever decided to travel without a stroller, or had another kiddo with us, C could sit in the car seat while it is attached to the travel cart. A note to any parents traveling with kiddos out there: While gate checking the stroller and car seat does mean a few more things to lug around, it also decreases the likelihood of damage to these items, and makes it quicker post-flight to get everything organized.

For our final destination, here are a few other items that we'll be packing or picking up upon arrival. I  can only imagine that stepping out into 80 degree weather after spending months in a frozen state will be quite the shock to C, and having these items along will hopefully make the transition a little smoother.

Vacation Style Baby Edition

Swimways Baby Pool Float // Munchkin Inflatable Bath Tub // BOB Stroller // Baby Sunscreen // Rashguard // Swim Trunks // Fedora // Sunglasses // Sperrys // Stroller Fan // Pack'n'Play

This pool float was a hit on our last visit, and C thought it was an absolute blast to motorboat around the pool. As a bonus, it folds up and can be stowed away easily when not in use. The weather is supposed to be a little warmer on this trip, so we'll be bringing along a stroller fan to keep C from overheating, along with a new set of swim trunks, sunscreen, and rash guard to help protect his skin from the sun. We will likely be spending many hours in the pool or by the ocean, so we're going to need a bathtub to wash off the salty water, and the pack'n'play for a place to crash after playtime. C has nearly outgrown the pack'n'play, so I've been scouting new ideas for future getaways, and think this travel toddler bed may just have to go on the wish list. Also on the wish list...this adorable Sunny Life Beach Radio, this baby-sized Beach Tent, or maybe just this family-sized Beach Tent, and this water-resistant outdoor blanket for outside playtime and picnics.

Since C is under two years old, he can fly free - AWESOME - and will be sitting on either T or I's lap for the duration of the three hour flight. I'm secretly hoping that the plane won't be full, and we'll be able to have the entire row to ourselves so that C can have an empty seat to play, or maybe even bring the car-seat on with us instead of gate-checking. On our flight last November, C did great, and after takeoff and aquatinting himself with his new surroundings, he slept almost the full flight. I'm guessing the relative quiet and slight vibration of the airplane played a big part. Fingers are crossed that this flight will go just as smoothly! Wish us luck!

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