Nine Month Photos

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A few weeks ago, C had his nine month milestone photos taken by our lovely photographer from Emery Photo + Design. Despite his impending cold, T's being sick all week, and our photographer recovering from pneumonia and a cracked rib, after rescheduling a couple of times, we finally snuck pictures in a couple of weeks after C turned nine months. Better late than never right!? Anyways...we just got the pics back over the weekend, and I am absolutely mazed at how well they turned out. I've got to hand it to our photographer who despite not being at her best health wise, decided to give it a go to capture these wonderful memories for us. 

We were nervous heading into picture day about how to get C to crack that giant smile of his since he doesn't think 'chili' and other 'cha' sounding words are as hilarious as he did at his six month photos. T & I spent the greater part of the hour long session dancing around and acting like fools to try to get some smiles. The things that ended up working the best were squeaky toys, 'ah-choo!', and peek-a-boo. I'm guessing at his upcoming one year photos - whoa! how is he growing up so fast?!! - that smashing a cake will probably do the trick in the smile department!

C was beyond pumped when he realized he got to play in this oversized galvanized bucket. He was very excited to bang his hands on the sides and practice his drumming skills. 

Look mom! I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing! Dare you to stop me from pulling out the fibers of this rug!!!

...Out of all the moments in my life
the ones I've spent with you are my most favorite...

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