First Birthday Wishes

Monday, March 30, 2015 year is almost upon us. I can't believe how fast time has been going. In preparation for the big day, I've put together a little list of wishes for C's very first birthday. 

First Birthday Wishes

Burley Encore Duo Bike Trailer // After a great deal of research to find the perfect bike trailer for our family, we've landed on the Encore from Burley. We weren't able to ride bikes last summer with a newborn, and can't wait to take C for hopefully many rides in the future. This trailer has 100lb capacity, a cargo area for taking along a picnic, diaper, or overnight bag, and a second seat for another child to ride along. I don't think C has any idea how much fun this will be for our family! For safety, we picked up Bontrager's Little Dipper helmet designed specifically for kiddos ages 1-4. Next on the list? The Burley 2-wheel stroller kit for bike rides to the park this summer to enjoy some of the 125 events scheduled for the Arnold's Park 125th celebration!

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum // MUSIC! C loves his music table, and would no doubt have a great time exploring all of the musical instruments in this set. I'm sure the pint-sized tambourine would be quite the hit, and know he would love to explore and learn about all of the different musical instruments in this set. Keeping with the music theme, this Hape Pound & Tap Bench would be another great addition to help C learn about cause and effect relationships, and making his own music.

LeapFrog My Discovery House // This discovery house comes highly rated by other mamas out there, and has all kinds of bells and whistles for C to explore. He can learn to use a light switch, open and close doors, and ring the doorbell. Hours of exploration for sure!

Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing // Now that our yard is landscaped and officially a useable space, it would be wonderful to have this swing (and someone to help attach it) for under the deck when we are outside enjoying the fresh air. I particularly like that this is an infant-to-toddler swing that will grow with C, and has a more muted color scheme to go with our home than many other baby swings on the market.

Fisher Price Lil Movers Airplane // This airplane toy would be fun for C to explore and zoom around at home between trips. He is quite the little traveler, and will no doubt have an ongoing fascination with airplanes, not to mention he'd love playing with the little people inside.

Melissa & Doug Puzzles // To work on problem solving skills, these Melissa & Doug puzzles (herehere, and here) would be just the thing to get C thinking about things. This magnetic puzzle and latch puzzle would also be lots of fun when he gets a little further along into his one year old status.

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table // This waterwheel activity play table would be so much fun for C to splash around in this summer. It won't be too long before he figures out furniture cruising, and he would have so much fun walking around this table and splashing the water or playing with the boats. It would be great for days that are too cold for full on swimming, but just right for outside play.

Corey Combine & Johnny Tractor Soft Vehicles // Last fall, on C's very first visit to John Deere to visit Grandpa T, he snagged this little Barney Backhoe soft vehicle toy. It is the perfect size for his little hands, and he has been loving driving it around and playing with it lately. It doesn't hurt that it also happens to be his favorite color, yellow. When cousin J opened the combine and tractor versions at his first birthday a couple of weeks ago, C was all about getting his hands on them. These would be the perfect additions to his toys for playing farm.

Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle & Joovy Noodle Helmet // This tricycle would no doubt become a fast favorite to wheel around on the sidewalk behind our house. It has foot pedals for C to rest his feet on before he is ready to pedal on his own, and can be steered from the the parent handlebar. The matching safety helmet would help to protect C from any tumbles as he gets bigger and has more independence. The greenie color would be the perfect gender neutral color so that it could be used for any kid who wanted to ride.

Books // C LOVES to read, and some new board books would be a great surprise for his birthday. Nothing specific in mind, but just ask if you have questions about what he already has!

Clothes // C, who is currently rocking 18mo clothing (as a 10 month old), is in need of some 24mo sized clothing for this summer. Speaking of clothes, bigger sizes for the coming fall would be welcome as well. As far as style goes, C likes to dress just like papa T and typically wears outfits that are relatively simple, and more 'little man' style than 'cutesy baby' style.

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