Four & Five Month Favorites

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As we head into our six month with baby (yikes!), I thought I'd share a list of favorites from the last two months. Without further adieu...our four and five month favorites.

Four and Five Month Favorites

Comotomo Silicon Baby Teether & Sassy Teething Tail Fish // Hand-eye coordination had a drastic improvement during months 4 and 5, and C has loved nothing more than having something to chew on now that he can find his mouth. After trying several different teethers, the Comotomo Silicon Baby Teether and Sassy Teething Tail Fish have been our favorites. Both are easy for baby to grab from all angles and bring directly to his mouth to chew on. They are both soft and have different textures to explore.

Footed Pajamas // With the cool down in temps lately, footed pjs are absolutely necessary. Offspring makes some that use a heavier weight cotton that work great for cooler temps, and hold up well with many washings. Bonus if you find some that are zippered instead of buttons!

ErgoBaby Carrier // We love the Ergo! After baby hit that four month mark, he was too heavy to wear in the K'tan for extended lengths of time, but the Ergo has a lot more structure and better weight distribution with padded shoulder straps to help save mama's back. C goes in the Ergo on grocery shopping trips, football games, when I'm making dinner, and everything in between. The fabric melds to baby's body, and cocoons him against me...perfect for little snuggle monsters! The Ergo can be worn on the front, side, or back, and is made for kids from 7-45lbs. The recently released Ergo360 allows baby to also be worn forward facing.

Oatmeal // Around the 5 month mark, we started giving C oatmeal. While he wasn't acting any more hungry than usual (a sign it's time to introduce solids), our Doctor recommended starting him on oatmeal since recent studies have shown decreased likelihood of allergies the sooner solid foods are introduced. While T isn't fully on board with that thought, after seeing our little guy smack his lips and watch us like a hawk at dinner night after night, we thought why not? Ever since, C has been loving his oatmeal. We've tried both the All Natural Beechnut and Organic Gerber brands, and don't think it seems to matter which one. I usually choose whatever has the least amount of ingredients. Oatmeal is oatmeal is oatmeal. There is no reason to have a bunch of extra additives. As for the whole rice vs. oatmeal dilemma, I never even considered giving C rice cereal. I pretty much viewed it as worthless for its extreme lack of nutrition and flavor, so after our Doctor gave the OK for skipping over rice cereal straight to oatmeal, we were all hands in.

Prune Juice // Since the introduction of oatmeal, our little man has been seriously backed up if you know what I mean. Prune juice to the rescue. Strangely enough, he seems to like the oatmeal even more with the addition of prune juice. Win win. Check the baby food aisle for smaller portion sizes of prune juice before you resort to the expensive giant jug that you'll only use a few tablespoons from.

BabyBjorne Soft Bibs // After a couple weekes of cloth bibs, and endless laundry, I discovered these soft plastic bibs, and I haven't looked back. Cloth bibs are great for liquid only diet, but with the introduction of oatmeal, these plastic bibs are so nice and keep cleanup quick and easy.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion // Due to all of the drooling around here, a daily moisturizer has been key to help prevent dried skin. Depending how dry things get, we use Aveeno or Aquaphor around baby's nose and chin on a regular basis.

Fleece Bunting & Stocking Hat // A warm fleece bunting is a must for chilly days. There are many different styles and brands to choose from - Carters, Columbia, Patagonia, etc. I plan to use ours during the winter as well so that I don't have to worry as much about baby overheating in a big snowsuit when we're on longer road trips.

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