Happy Harvest!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ahhh...fall is officially in full swing. Along with the beautiful fall foliage, hunting season, cozy sweaters, and bonfires, another key component of fall in the midwest is harvest season. If you find yourself like us, traveling to and from football games most weekends, you've probably noticed the many farmers in the fields harvesting crops, baling, and getting everything ready for the next planting season. 

After a sprinkling of John Deere visits, the Clay & Humboldt County fairs, and reading about Johnny Tractor and Corny Cornpicker over the past several months, it was inevitable that C would want to get out in the fields for the first time this fall to see what it was all about. My family has an extensive background in all things farming...not to mention a strong affinity towards the color green (seriously though, the first color associations I had as a child were green means good and red means junk), so when the combines started going, it was only a matter of time until we took a little road trip to see what C thought of the real deal.

Before any serious farming, Great Grandpa K (yes, of K.C. Nielsen Ltd.) took a little time to chat with C about how combines work. He learned all about how to drive, read the yields, and operate the corn head. As you can tell, C was eating it up, and completely fascinated by the whole ordeal.

One of my favorite memories of my grandpa when I was little was going out for a ride in the combine during harvest, and I'm so glad that it is a memory that C & I can share. Taking C for his first combine ride was a very momentous occasion that I'm sure will be repeated on a yearly basis. I imagine next year he will find it even more interesting to watch as the corn and beans are harvested! 

Thanks to Grandma J for being our photographer for the occasion!

Happy Harvesting!

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