Carter: 3 Months

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby C is officially three months old! He looks more like a miniature toddler than a newborn these days, and T is convinced he is going to be a giant. I will admit...we've been around some 8-9 month olds recently that have nothing on Carter. We did an at-home weigh in a day before he turned three months, and he had already hit the 15 lb. mark, so it will be interesting to see how high the scales will be tipped at the official 4-month checkup in a few weeks.

Month 3 has been filled with new adventures, and time has been flying by. It's all chubby fingers and rolly polly thighs over here. Are these not some of the cutest thighs you've seen??

Summer, sadly, is drawing to a close. We are still waiting to get our yard landscaped (although I'm assured it will be happening sometime in the next 2 weeks barring weather holdups), Labor Day is just around the corner, and football season is almost upon us. This month, Carter has been practicing his smiles, learning to make sounds, and starting to work on grabbing for some of the toys on his activity mat. He loves to lay on his activity mat or a blanket on the floor and kick his little legs while smiling and talking to whoever will get down on the floor with him and listen. Overall, C is a pretty happy little guy, and aside from a few meltdowns, has been a pretty easygoing little fella to have around.

Someone LOVES their Daddy!

Trying to talk and tell stories
Looking at trees
Conversations with Gpa T & Gma J
Boat rides and being outdoors
Dressing like Dad

Loving story time with Dad.

So smiley!

First time wearing his swim trunks!

Telling stories to Gma J and Gpa T.

Look at me! I'm dressed just like Dad! I don't know who this made more happy. T or baby. 


Swimming in the lake. Not a favorite. At all...DISCLAIMER: I warned T that he should probably start with just the toes, but instead, he immediately had C dunked all the way down to his chest. For someone that has only ever experienced lukewarm bathwater, this obviously came as a shock, and will likely not be repeated until the water is much ocean warm.


We ventured out to the Arnold's Park Green Space for Art In The Park. All kinds of vendors had tents set up, and C enjoyed being pushed around by his uncle T while I enjoyed looking around at various art treasures. Just before the adventure began, T & I were waiting in line for coffee at Arnold's Perk when C decided it was high time for a blowout (literally, popped the snaps right off his outfit!). C was outside with Gma J at the time, and she was able to come to the rescue. Whew!

Thanks for taking care of me Grandma!

First overnight at the lake house. Loved it. Gma it just me, or does this pic look a lot like Uncle N about this age?

First overnight road trip to Grandma J and Grandpa T's house in Humboldt. It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds after we walked in the door that Gma J announced to everyone that Carter just LOVES his Grandma's house. He did enjoy himself...cracked some of his first authentic smiles while we were there, and has been smiling ever since. Also favorites of the weekend, reading John Deere stories on the floor with Gma & Gpa, and listening to his mama play the piano. Carter absolutely LOVES listening to music. Equally important, our first outing to Target and Fazoli's in Fort Dodge. I'm convinced C loved Target much more than our standard trips to Walmart when we are at home. By the time we checked out, he was pretty much buried beneath all of the excellent finds.

Cousin Jake's baptism with the family. 

First time at church for Cousin J's baptism (and a trip to Pasquale's too for the party!). C did just fine with his trip to church, and only let out a squawk when he was surprised by the music coming from the piano. The high ceilings and singing were of particular interest to our little guy. We have yet to settle on a church to call home in our current town, but it's refreshing to know that C might be OK to bring along on the hunt. In the meantime, I picked up the most adorable baby book with bible stories that we have been enjoying reading ('My First Read and Learn Bible' for anyone who is wondering). Who knew that David & Goliath and Daniel and the Lions could be so much fun!?

First road trip to Sioux Falls! C does great riding in the car, and he slept the entire way there and back. Probably a good thing since he was enthralled by all of the new things to look at while we were at the mall shopping, and didn't close his eyes the entire time. We did make a stop at Babies R Us, and C got a couple new toys (Toby the turtle & Freddy the fish) to hang from his activity mat and car seat. Aside from a meltdown at dinner (likely because he was all worn out), the day was a success.

First time at the Fair. C stayed awake for the cattle barn, but by the time we got to the sheep barn, he had had enough, and decided a snooze was in his best interest. Also came face to face with his first view of some John Deere equipment, and can't wait to go back this fall to help out in the field with harvest! Also looking forward to checking out the upcoming Clay County Fair with Gma S & Gpa D.

All smiles around here!

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