Two & Three Month Favorites

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Months two and three flew by before we knew it! Now that we're drawing to the close of baby's third month with us, what better way to reminisce than to put together a collection of favorites.

Two And Three Month Favorites

Triple Paste Diaper Cream // Everyone has their favorite. So far, Triple Paste has done the trick for us. We have only had to use this a handful of times, so I would recommend just getting a small tube in case your babe doesn't end up needing it very often.

NoseFrida // The best snot sucker around. Don't be scared about the fact that you are using your own mouth to get rid of those baby boogers. There is a filter, and unless your baby has the world's longest booger, anything you suck out wouldn't even come close. If it does, there are replacement filters available. Another great feature? The clear plastic reservoir can be cleaned in about 10 seconds by running it under some hot water. No moldy nose aspirators here!

Tiny Love Activity Mat // I'm sure any activity mat would do the trick. The Tiny Love mat has some nice crinkle, squeak, and sound sections on the mat itself rather than just on the hanging toys. The best part, there are extra spots for any additional toys you may want to customize with.

OBall Rattle // These little toy balls are so much fun. Because of all the holes, they are especially easy for baby to grasp. 

Baby K'Tan Infant Carrier //  This baby sling has been a lifesaver. It is super quick and easy to use, and helps calm baby down when nothing else works. C loves to be all snuggled up, and using the Baby K'Tan means I can keep him all snuggled like he likes while having both hands available to accomplish other tasks.

Overton's Infant Vest // Our little guy's second and third month were during the height of the boating season here in Northwest Iowa, and we couldn't imagine a summer without spending time on the lake. After reading what seems like hundreds of reviews, we settled on this miniature lifejacket from Overton's approved for infants 0-30lbs. All of the padding is on the front and around the head, so if for some reason baby was to go in the water, this vest would immediately flip baby around to the face up position.

Infantino Lovable Linking Jittery Fish // This jittery fish has been a source of fascination this month. It has black and white cloth 'scales' on one side, and crazy colorful scales with ribbons on the other. I hung it from the car seat handle, and C is consumed with trying to figure it out when we load him up for a stroller or car ride. So many fun colors, textures, and patterns to take in!

Fishy Tails by Jellycat // This cloth book by Jellycat is one of our favorites. The bright colors fascinate baby, and the different textures and 'tails' are so much fun to learn about. We gifted this one to our nephew who is two months older, and he loves it just as much. Speaking of Jellycat, they also make adorable stuffed animals. T is so impressed that he has even requested one for his birthday...kid at heart? I'm not really into stuffed animals since they just add unnecessary clutter, but I'm not entirely opposed to allowing a couple of these into our home. My favorites are Cordy Roy Fox (who may or may not have arrived on our doorstep this week) and Tiggalope Black Sheep.

Backseat Mirror // Now that baby has graduated from eating every two hours and is a little older, we've had the opportunity to venture further distances from home (Our max is 1.75 hours, so not too far yet). This backseat mirror has been an excellent addition to our vehicle. It makes checking on baby such a breeze, and allows us to keep an eye on him without having to pull over and get out of the car. Also a bonus, now that C has started to discover himself in the mirror, this helps to keep him entertained while on road trips.

What are your two and three month favorites?

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