A Moment Captured in Time

Monday, August 11, 2014

In a long list of things I'm just now getting around to...family pictures! My side of the family was all together several weeks ago for some summertime lake action, and we all managed to join together for a little lakeside photo shoot. Quite a feat...not only that we were all together, but that everyone was in nice clothes. Dressed up, dolled up, feeling fancy if you will. 

The day was incredibly windy and sunny, so not ideal conditions for a photo shoot (notice the windblown hair and sunny and shady spots), but it is a photo of us all together that will be cherished as a moment in time somewhere in the future, so there is that to be thankful for. All together, and while we may not have all appreciated the hour out of our day to do a family photo, you never know how many opportunities you'll have for family photos, so it's always nice to snap a few when we are together to help document our lives and give future generations something to look back at someday.

Love my little family.

So many boys! Thank goodness for C & H, or I'd be seriously outnumbered on the gender front!

My and my brothers hanging out lakeside.

With my grandparents. Before baby C arrived, my Grandma told us not to worry, because she already knew she was 'Great' before her first 'Great'-grandchildren arrived.

 T & Baby C. I have such a handsome little family!

A couple of the best grandparents around!

Papa T, Mama J & my brother T.

A little windy. I think T's hold on baby C has improved a little since this photo and isn't quite so awkward looking.

My parents...enjoying life at the lake.

...Together we make a family...

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