Carter: 5 Months

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well, month four officially went by in a blur! Maybe it's because I waited to do the month four update until after the official checkup, but seriously...where has the last month gone?! 

At five months (and really since about 3.5 months - aside from an additional late evening feeding that we cut out just after 4 months), our schedule looks a little something like this:

7:30-8:30a.m.: C wakes up for the day and after about 15-20 minutes of babbling, reaching for his toes, and sucking his thumb, he's ready to have breakfast. After breakfast, he usually plays on his activity mat for about an hour or so, then sits with me for another half hour before going down for a nap...hopefully in his crib...for about an hour.

11:30a.m.-12:30p.m.: Lunch time! After getting a meal, C & I usually try to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, or run some errands if the weather isn't cooperating for outside time. C is usually pretty content to ride along in his car seat in the shopping cart, and enjoys looking at the fluorescent lights and everything on the shelves at the store. If we are outside, I try to choose a walking route were he can look at the trees he is so fascinated by. He'll usually sneak in a catnap during the afternoon as well.

3:00-4:00p.m.: Mid afternoon meal! After eating again, we play on the floor and work on rolling or tummy time followed by story time. If it's a bath day, it usually happens in the afternoon before T gets home since he never wants to participate. After all this, C usually sits in his Rock'N'Play and watches as I get dinner ready.

6:30-7:30p.m.: C is usually ready for dinner at just about the same time that T walks in the door from work or we are trying to sit down to eat dinner. Since T rarely gets home at the same time on a daily basis, it's easier to let C determine our schedule than try to plan dinner for a set time every night. Thank goodness for the 'keep warm' feature on our oven, slow cooker meals, and soup season!

8:00-8:30p.m.: C is ready for bed. If he had dinner on the earlier side, I'll feed him again, otherwise after pjs and a diaper change, off to bed for the night! He's been a great little sleeper, and will sleep through the night until we start the routine over in the morning.

Being outside
Slamming legs down
Trying to get his toes in his mouth
Pointing legs as straight as they can go
Chewing on things
Sucking his thumb

Staying up past 8:30pm
Not being held at the dinner table while others are eating 


Observations of a newly minted five month old: 
C has more personality than ever, and has become as T likes to say...a lot more fun. While I have always thought that C was fun, I can agree that the baby babbling, sucking on toes, and his general temperament have become more entertaining to be around in this last month. He still isn't too active yet, and thoroughly enjoys some solid snuggle time with me throughout the day, along with being nestled in Dad's arm at night watching football together or reading a book on the floor

So far, C's only rolled to his side a handful of times, and has focused his attention primarily on how fast he can get his toes and his thumb to his mouth, and pointing his legs out as straight as they can go.

One of the most adorable observations of the month is his praying. At nearly every meal, he locks together his little fingers into praying hands. Such a cutie. 

C got his first taste of real food...A.K.A. oatmeal...the last day of being a four month old. HE LOVED IT! Until then he had been 100% breastfed minus a few days of supplementing when we first brought him home. While being unable to leave him for more than 2.5-3hrs at a time is not always the most convenient, not having to worry about bottles and other baby food so far has been about the best thing ever. Raising a newborn has enough trials as it is, and I am so thankful that I've been able to breastfed exclusively without any trouble. I don't really have a concrete plan for future breastfeeding plans, but I'd like to try to continue until C reaches his first birthday, or he decides on his own that he is done...whichever comes first. My biggest concern is trying to figure out the dynamic of how to introduce solid foods while continuing to breastfeed. Pumping has been very difficult for me, so the idea of mixing breast milk with solid foods won't really work. If anyone has any great resources they'd recommend on this topic...please share!

Saturdays this fall have been filled with football and cheering for the Hawkeyes. In a throwback version...T & I are in serious need of some matching Iowa Hawkeye sweatsuits to recreate this awesome picture from when I was a baby about C's age. CLASSIC.

Grandpa T & C hanging out on game day. These might be two of the biggest Hawkeye fans around!

First trip to Iowa City, first tailgate, and first Iowa Hawkeye football game inside the hallowed walls of Kinnick Stadium. C's favorite part was definitely the tailgating. He couldn't keep that great big grin off his face the entire time. Born a Hawkeye for sure! Our Saturdays this fall have been packed with football, and it's very likely that C will think that football is the only thing the TV is for since we don't watch during the day, and usually keep it off or on a music channel before C goes to bed at night. Nothing wrong with that!

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