Introducing Carter Hayes

Friday, May 23, 2014

T & I are so proud to announce the newest addition to our little family has arrived! 

Carter Hayes Witt | Friday, May 16, 3:26 p.m. | 6 lbs. 15 oz. | 19.5 inches long


Friday morning, May 16, started bright and early around 4 a.m. when I woke up with contractions that felt more painful than the previous occasional Braxton Hicks I had just recently started to experience. Not thinking too much of it, I had a big glass of water and tried to go back to sleep and see if they would go away. When about 15 minutes later I felt another twinge of pain, I began to think I should probably keep an eye on the clock to see if there was a pattern. 

Side Note #1: I did not normally wake up in the middle of the night during this pregnancy, and since it was still dark outside and T hadn't gotten up for the day (the usual reason I would wake up), I had a hunch something was different.

T got up about an hour later to get ready for work. After his morning straight razor shaving routine, he noticed I was sitting up in bed looking somewhat uncomfortable. I said 'I think the baby wants to come today' to which he replied with a slightly incredulous 'OK' before heading to the kitchen to make some morning coffee. To his credit, we were only at 37.5 weeks, and that desired 40 week mark was still off looming on the distant horizon somewhere. I hopped in the shower (another technique to try and see if what I was experiencing was just Braxton Hicks), and when I was still having painful contractions consistently afterwards, T finally decided to take me a little more seriously.

He packed an overnight bag, just in case, and called in to the OB department to let them know I would be coming in to get checked out. 

T waiting nervously before Baby W's arrival.
Side Note #2: T was on call all weekend long, and had many patients in the hospital to round on, plus a full clinic schedule, so I told him to go ahead without me so I could get a hospital bag packed (another thing I hadn't quite gotten to yet), and if the contractions continued, I would follow behind him shortly.

After I finally decided on some essentials for my potential stay in the hospital, a few items for Baby W, and maybe picking up some around the house, I made my way in. Four car ride contractions later, by the time I arrived, there was no way I was going to drive myself home if this wasn't going to be 'the real deal'. After getting checked in about 9 a.m., we learned that I was dilated 3-4 centimeters, and Baby W was in fact going to be coming to meet us. So exciting!

Seconds after Carter's arrival into the world. So happy!
After four separate tries to get an IV started so that we could get antibiotics running for at least four hours prior to delivery (for the strep B I previously mentioned), I was full of bruised arms and in more than a little bit of pain (my veins kept rolling, and no one was having any luck). I finally received a little relief when I got a dose of pain medication used as a holdover before I was cleared for an epidural. 

T is so excited to finally meet baby Carter and be a Dad.
T, who had been planning to work all day (he notoriously has OB patients who are first time mothers that labor for 24+ hours), was told by my Doctor not too much later, that this baby was not going to take all day to come, and he would need to reschedule the rest of his patients. This was at my second check, around 11 a.m., when we determined I was between 7-8 centimeters dilated already. With still no epidural, and the holdover pain medication all but worn off...

One of my nurses suggested maybe I should just go without since I was already  nearing the end stages of labor. I think I  gave her a very pointed glare at this point and stated that I had no intentions of an epidural free delivery no matter how close we were.

Ten little toes, and HUGE feet!
Shortly afterward, the nurse anethstetist arrived, and prepared the epidural. Meanwhile, I used some breathing techniques we had just learned about that week at our baby class, and a big dose of iron will. 

The nurses would later describe me as very stoic. Really though, by this point, I was thinking 'what on Earth are they waiting for?' Before being poked with any needles, or any minor little check, I was continuously asked if I was having a contraction, and then they would wait till it was over. This was about the silliest thing I experienced during my entire stay. In my mind, any poking or jabbing that they were going to do was going to hurt significantly less than the contractions I was having, and if anything, would give me something else to think about. 

Side Note #3: Another lesson we learned is that I have a very high pain tolerance. Next time I say something hurts, or is painful, someone better take me seriously.

Post epidural, I finally felt some relief, and it was suggested that I try to take a nap. I  was all about this plan, until about 15 minutes later when my water broke. Baby W was on a mission, and there was nothing going to get in the way now!

Side Note #4: If T & I decide to have more children in the future, we were directed to leave immediately to get to the hospital, or T may have to deliver the baby at home!

Dr. Young and one of our wonderful nurses Roxanne
Shortly after, I started pushing, which apparently I'm pretty good at (it may have helped that I still had enough feeling in my legs to be able to move around a little on my own). Baby's heart tones started to decelerate with the pushing however, and I could tell T was getting very nervous, so we waited a little while until my Doctor was able to join us before picking up with the pushing again. Meanwhile, Baby W got a fetal scalp electrode attached so that we could monitor the heart tones more closely.

One day old. My eyes and cheeks are all swollen from the vacuum. 
Once my doctor arrived, I started pushing again, baby flipped to an occiput anterior (face down) position (woo hoo!), and we were back on track. Baby's heart tones were still dropping down to the 60s with the pushing however (normal heart tones would be in the 110-150 range), and when we had maybe only 10 minutes of pushing left to go, my Doctor and T agreed that it was time to help baby along with the mighty vac and get those heart tones back to normal as soon as possible.

Within two minutes, everything was ready to go, and Carter Hayes Witt made his appearance into our world bright pink and screaming up a storm. We couldn't be more thrilled to have him here!

Mom loves you so much!


Grandma J & Grandpa T were Carter's first visitors. After T & I had a chance to bond with our little man for a couple hours just to ourselves, and I had a chance to get a shower and a little recovery time after the day's events, we called our immediate family to let them know that baby BOY Carter Hayes had arrived. Grandpa T & Grandma J wasted no time hopping in the car to hurry and arrive at the hospital just before the cut-off time for visitors on Friday night. 

Grandma S & Grandpa D came to visit baby C early Saturday morning with roses for me, and the cutest little box of goodies for C.

Great Grandma M & Great Grandpa K arrived Saturday afternoon, along with Uncle T, and another visit from Grandma J & Grandpa T. Everyone is so excited to have two little munchkins to spoil!

Uncle T, Aunt H, and cousin Jake came to visit (Jake tried out his best right hook, but Carter wasn't having it). These two are going to get up to all kinds of mischief in the future no doubt!

C & I enjoying some quiet snuggle time before heading home Sunday night.

All packed up and ready to go home! 

One week old today, and getting cuter by the minute!

Let the adventures begin!


  1. Congratulations Natalie!! We had very similar experiences - HA loved when the nurse suggested no epidural, I didn't have mine until I was at 8-9, and I have no idea how I could have gone any longer. :) Hope everything is going great at home! Xx

  2. Congrats guys!! You look so amazing Natalie! :)


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