Week 37

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 37 | an update

How far along: 37 weeks

Best moment this week: T & I started a baby class offered at the hospital where I'll be delivering. After week one, we didn't feel like we learned a whole lot, but hopefully as the class progresses, we'll pick up on some good tips. This week we got to take a tour of the OB floor (T is already familiar, but I'd never seen it), and learned some breathing and relaxation techniques. Since I'm 100% planning to have an epidural, I'm hoping that will take care of any relaxation I will be needing!

I also coerced T into helping to hang up the curtain rod in Baby W's room, and ordered some other decor pieces to help complete the look. It's so nice to see the room finally coming together!

Worst moment this week: My Group B strep screen came back positive (not terribly uncommon, about 1 out of 4 women will have a positive test result), so I will need to have IV antibiotics at least 4 hours before Baby W's arrival to help prevent any complications that could arise. This means I'll probably have to go to the hospital sooner rather than later once any signs of labor start so that there will be plenty of time to make sure the little one has the best chance to be protected from infection.

On another note, my check-up this morning resulted in an unplanned ultrasound this afternoon when my physician thought Baby W may have flipped to a breech position. Everything checked out OK, and baby is currently head down. Whew! Another thing we learned (or rather, I learned since T was too busy in clinic to attend the ultrasound), is that Baby W is in a occiput posterior position (head down, facing towards the outside world instead of facing in). I had a hunch this was the case after some very strange indentations of the baby bump in the mornings. Looks like I was right! Hopefully, baby will decide to shift to the more preferable and most common occiput anterior position (head down, facing in) before delivery. Delivering from the occiput posterior position would prove to be much more difficult as baby's head would have trouble getting past the pubic bone, and likely quite a bit more uncomfortable both during labor and recovery for this soon-to-be mama.

In other ultrasound news, as of today, baby is measuring approximately 6.8 lbs. plus or minus 1.7 lbs. (An exact weight measurement is impossible at this point, so the ultrasound tech factors in a little leeway either way.) All in all, this means baby is right on track for growth.

Things I miss: Oh so many things. I've been thinking I'll put together a list of things I'd like to see when we return home with Baby W. Any of you planning to visit, keep your eyes peeled!

Maternity clothes: Yes. Above jacket (Motherhood), cami (A Pea in the Pod), pants (3 Seasons Maternity).

Sleep: Not terrible. T is less than impressed with the pillow addition from last week, and is looking forward to Baby W's arrival, and the return of his normal sleep space.

Movement: Baby W's movement slowed down over the weekend, but has picked back up as we progress into the week. I was a little worried about this, but have been assured over the last couple of days (by return to regular movement) that baby must have just been tuckered out from all the kicking, and is just getting more cramped as we get closer to delivery-day. New kicking location this week has been my ribcage. Oh so comfortable. Sigh.

Food Cravings: Grapes and ice cream. 

Food Aversions: Nothing really, although I did have some spicy taco soup which gave me a little heartburn, so I think I'll avoid try to avoid anything too spicy until after baby arrives.

Queasy or sick: Just a touch of heartburn, other than that feeling good.

Belly button in or out: T and I decided what I have isn't really an out-y, but more of a flat-y.

Rings on or off: Wedding rings on.

Looking forward to: I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow! Mama S surprised me with a gift certificate for Mother's Day, and I am so excited to have my toes pampered. It is not easy to keep them in tip top painted form with the bump in the way! Both T & I are also looking forward to Baby W's arrival. We are officially in the home stretch now, and can't wait to meet our little one sometime in the next 3 weeks!

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