28 Weeks

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week 28

How far along:
28 weeks

Best moments so far:
I've decided that baby enjoys music. I got G a few music books for Christmas, and we've been reading singing them non-stop at nap and bedtime lately. Baby seems to be able to pick up on my voice, because I always notice lots of kicking while I'm reading...a.k.a...singing...to the boys. In other exciting news, I officially booked a little getaway to Florida at the end of the month. While it won't be the warmest of weather (likely too cold to swim), it'll still be nice to not need winter gear and be able to get out in the sunshine for some fresh air. I'm looking forward to checking out some trails we've always talked about walking on and maybe making a trip to the zoo, or checking out some other local beaches we don't typically spend time at.

Maternity clothes:
Most, but still able to wear some of my non-maternity flowy tops and sweaters.

Give me all the sleep! Still so tired all the time. Maybe it's the weather. The boys and I both slept past 8 a.m. yesterday which is practically unheard of around here!

Miss Anything:
Energy. Still pretty exhausted by mid-afternoon or the end of the day. I'd kill for some warm weather too. It seriously takes at least 15 minutes to get myself and the boys ready to leave the house when it is this cold. G likes to run the opposite direction when I call for him to come get his coat and shoes on, and C insists that he needs help to get everything on. This on top of the fact that I have a hard time bending over to get my own shoes on and feel like an over-stuffed sausage when I have my coat, scarf, boots, etc all on. Oh and then let's not forget that G is notorious for needing a diaper change after getting all of the gear finally on...UGH.

Baby Movement:
Yes, lots of movement this week. We are in the baby's most active phase of pregnancy, so I imagine this will last for the next couple weeks until space gets more cramped.

Cravings and Aversions:
Not necessarily a craving, maybe just more of a habit, but I wouldn't be able to get through my morning without coffee. 

Queasy or sick:

I've had some shortness of breath this week, and just overall more difficulty getting around easily or quickly. After being on my feet all day cooking, cleaning, and playing with the boys, I told T - 'this being pregnant business is no joke!'. My body is so tired, but my brain isn't necessarily always on the same page...probably because I count down the minutes until the boys are firmly established in their respective beds for the night and I finally get some 'me time' at the end of the day.

Looking forward to:
I have a repeat ultrasound this week to check the location of the baby's placenta to see if we are out of the danger zone for placenta previa. Prayers for good news! I'm also looking forward to getting a glimpse of our newest little love. T is working on the day of the ultrasound, so hopefully he can sneak out of the clinic to come have a peak (a.k.a. keep G out of trouble!).

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