24 Weeks

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 24

How far along:
24 weeks

Best moments so far:
Sitting down at the end of the day after finally getting both boys to bed. Annnnd...I could just leave it there. I will say it's been nice to feel baby moving in the evenings when I do finally sit down to relax!

Maternity clothes:
Yes. I picked up this sweater from Gap (HERE), and absolutely love it. It is so soft, a great neutral, and on trend. I also think that the cut it isn't obviously a maternity top, so hopefully I'll be able to wear it after baby comes as well.

I continue to wish there was more of it! I have been super tired a few days this week, and was lucky that I was able to catch a little nap while the boys were sleeping at T was home over the weekend. Of course, if we weren't on a serious Netflix kick (watched the entire season of new series DARK, and just started season two of The Crown), I'd likely be getting at least an hour of extra sleep per night.

Miss Anything:
The occasional glass of wine would be great. I hosted a Christmas cookie exchange with some other local moms, and while everyone else was able to clink glasses and enjoy a good glass of vino, I resorted myself to a glass of Fre Chardonnay (alcohol-removed wine). Better than straight grape juice, but by no means even a close comparison to the original! Also rubbing in the fact that I am not in a position to enjoy wine, our quarterly wine case from Wall Street Journal Wine Club is in the process of being delivered this week, and since I have to sign for it and have not been home during the first two delivery attempts, I now have to run around to go pick it up all the way across town. So much effort for something I don't even get to enjoy!

Baby Movement:
Lots during the evening. I don't notice as much during the day, but probably a case of being otherwise occupied with the other two loves of my life :)

Cravings & Aversions:
The constant barrage of Christmas cookies leftover from my cookie exchange have been staring at me  all week from the countertop, and have been a serious downfall this week. I could really use some more healthy veggies in my diet to detox from all of the sugar!

Queasy or sick:

I've had a little bit of back pain again this week, but nothing too dramatic. 

Looking forward to:
T & I are taking a cooking class Wednesday night at the Arts Center, and I can't wait. The theme is New England Classics, so I'm hopeful there may be lobster & chowder involved! Also looking forward to C's first school Christmas program this Friday. Word on the street is that he has a speaking part and gets to talk into a microphone. Can't wait to see how he does! He's been doing a great job of giving me an at-home preview of Away in a Manger (with actions and everything!), so I can't wait to see what else they have been practicing!

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