Week 29

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week 29 an update

How far along: 29 weeks

Best moment this week: 
Celebrating Mother's Day ranks right up there on the list. I also had fun sneaking out of town to celebrate my future sister-in-law at her bridal shower over the weekend. Not much to report baby related. I've been feeling some especially strong kicking, so I would like to think that means baby is growing stronger every day!

Maternity clothes: 
Yes. Pretty hard to get around them anymore.

I left C home with papa T for my overnight trip to the bridal shower over the weekend (literally maybe only the third time T has had to handle 100% parenting and bedtime responsibilities), and ever since my return, he has had a SUPER hard time getting to, and staying asleep. He cries and cries after I leave the room from laying him down at nap time or for the night, then several hours later is back up and crying some more. It is abundantly clear to me that Papa T's shenanigans of allowing C to go without napping and staying up late = a TERRIBLE sleep pattern for C. SOOOooooo frustrating!!! He has always been such a great sleeper and usually falls asleep no problem, but ever since he got off his routine, we have been riding the struggle bus around here. Between ending up in bed with T & I, and middle of the night consoling, this past few nights of sleep have been seriously lacking in the 'restful' department for all of us. Top that with the overall general exhaustion of growing a tiny human, and you'll understand why I'm wearing sunglasses in this week's update! If you're the praying type, maybe you can work into your prayers that C gets back to his groove of being a good sleeper instead of this endless crying we've been dealing with this week!

Miss Anything: 
Good sleep! I honestly think that if it weren't for C's trouble sleeping, my sleep this week has actually been better in the sense that I haven't been waking up as early as I was. I'm not sure if I should chalk this up to C's late night howlings keeping me up late, or the fact that I hung new blackout curtains in our bedroom.

Baby Movement: 
Yep. Baby's kicking has become much stronger this week, and at times has been somewhat uncomfortable. I've also noticed that baby seems to like music as the kicking seems to be stronger when I'm jamming out to tunes with C.

Wine anyone?! T opened up a bottle from our wine club the other night, and after a day spent with C with no napping, I would have been more than happy to indulge in a glass or three. On the bright side, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and with any luck, I'll be able to enjoy a glass by mid-summer.

Ugh...this week I started to experience some Braxton Hicks. Yep, you heard that right! With C, I never really had any false contractions, and my first experience with them was pretty much when I went into labor. This week however, I thought I may have to go visit T the night he was on call at the hospital. The baby book I read, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancydid give me fair warning that Braxton Hicks contractions are not uncommon at this stage in the game, so I wasn't overly concerned, but I also think I probably need to be better about staying hydrated, and maybe not go on such long walks when T isn't going to be around. Speaking of walking, I've noticed that I've had to slow down the speed of my walking this week as I find myself trying to catch my breath if I go too fast. A pregnant runner I am not!

Looking forward to: 
This coming weekend is filled with celebrations. We kick off the weekend with Uncle T's high school graduation on Saturday, and then C's 2nd Birthday party on Sunday. I can't believe we will have a two year old on our hands next week! Thinking about how fast the past two years with C have gone just about brings tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful that I have this blog to look back on all of our adventures together! 

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