Christmas Wishes: A Lady's List

Monday, December 8, 2014

As for my list this year, I did not have as easy of a time coming up with it as lists for the boys in my life. Maybe I've been too busy with the whole parenting thing and couldn't find a good time to really sit down and give my list some serious thought, but after dedicating a few nap times to really consider what's on my list, this is what I came up with!

A Lady's Christmas Wish List

Sarah Chloe Elle Bangle // Since C arrived in our lives, I've wanted a piece of jewelry that I can wear on a daily basis that is a reminder of him. In lieu of a likely very expensive emerald stacker ring (his birthstone, and still on my list in case you're wondering), I'd love this sterling silver bracelet with the letter C monogrammed. This one would be the perfect gift for T...hint hint...

Spa Day // Speaking of T, he is not a giver of back rubs...super bummer...I begged him the other night, and he just told me he was too tired. Ugh. So since the last back rub I had was by a chair at the pedicure I got the day before C arrived (over 6 months ago!), I'd really REALLY like a massage and a pedicure at a day spa. You try carrying a nearly 20lb baby around day after day and tell me you wouldn't need a back rub at the end of it. Our local area seems to be somewhat lacking in the professional massage therapy and spa department, so suggestions are welcome...or T, if you're listening, a little weekend getaway to a spa resort someplace warm this winter would be great! I'd even take Minneapolis or Omaha!

Tommy Bahama Beaded Silver Sandals // I've had my eye on these sandals (size 9) now for quite a while, and think they'd be just the thing for warm weather. Obviously, that season is a long way off, but there's always a potential vacation on the horizon right?

All-Clad Double Burner Grill // Since grill season is a long way off, but we don't just become vegetarian during the winter months, I'd love to have an indoor grill pan that could be used on the stove or in the oven. This 20" x 13" All-Clad version would easily be able to fit a couple of steaks at a time plus grilled veggies, and would work great on the center burner on our stovetop. It's also rated up to 400 degrees for use in the oven when making a roast, and would be a great addition to the morning breakfast routine for preparing bacon, ham, sausage, or even pancakes for the whole family. Heck...I might even be able to convince T to cook on it! Double Burner...Double Bonus!

Treadmill or Indoor Exercise Bike // Getting to the gym is beyond difficult with a little one in tow. Our local YMCA offers day care services at set times throughout the day, but the fact that it's flu/cold season, and 'you-know-who' would likely NOT be volunteering to get up in the middle of the night to do any soothing if C picked up a bug, I'm not too crazy about taking himIt'd be nice to have a treadmill or indoor workout bike when we are stuck inside this winter so that we wouldn't have to spend an hour bundling up to brave the -20 temps in order to get a little exercise. While I love using the exercise bike at the gym, I think the treadmill probably offers a more versatile workout when we're at home. This version that has a supposedly quiet motor and folds would be great with our limited space.

29" Luggage // Now that C has joined our lives, traveling with just two carry-ons isn't very feasible. We'd love to have a couple of solid 29" suitcases to allow extra room for the kiddo's things on longer trips (or when we decide to leave town for longer than a week). Something with wheels and pockets such as Samsonite Silhouette Sphere or Delsey Helium Breeze would be great. On our latest trip, we used a hand-me-down no-name brand that basically fell apart before we got to the airport, so we'd like to stick to a proven luggage brand this time around.

Target Smith & Hawken Rectangle Baskets // We have a tiny laundry room that is always a mess. (I'm sure many of you can relate, and if it wasn't also the main entry from our garage, it wouldn't likely bother me as much...however it is, and it drives me crazy that it's always so disorganized!) I'd love to have three of these baskets (to be used for lights, darks, colors) to help better organize the chaos. Oh...and a shelf to hang above for all of our cookbooks that currently live on the laundry room countertop!

Illume Gilded Amberleaf Soy Candle // I absolutely LOVE my Illume Balsam & Cedar candles, and would love to try a new scent. The Gilded Amberleaf candle smells really nice, and is available locally at The Hen House...or at least was earlier this season...also available online via Illume.

Greenhouse Giftcard // Now that we actually have a real yard (grass, landscaping, plants!), a gift card to a local greenhouse (Fergusons/Dels/4Evergreen) would be just the ticket for picking out some beautiful flowers and maybe some new pots this spring. I absolutely LOVE peonies, and have the perfect spot all picked out for a new plant.

VS Flannel Sleep Shirt // I'm a sucker for new pajamas. I would love to have a cozy new flannel sleep shirt for the winter season. I love the versions with pants as well, but I get way too hot for comfortable sleeping. My favorite prints for a sleep shirt  are White/Red Plaid or Red/Black Glen Plaid.

Tervis 16 Oz. Tumbler // My everyday water glasses are not exactly lightweight, and I wouldn't mind having a few of these plastic insulated tumblers for indoor/outdoor use. I'd love the Sailboat or Iowa Hawkeye styles with lids to prevent major spills with C around! Have I mentioned his fascination with glasses lately?!

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