Carter: 7 Months

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Month seven has been all about discovery. C has realized he has hands that he can use to reach for specific objects rather than just randomly grabbing for things. It has been fun to watch him figure out this new hand-eye coordination. His own hands have become more interesting to him than some of his toys. Go figure!

Our C has been a pretty happy baby this month, and I was FINALLY able to capture some of those adorable little smiles on camera. I think if I was to caption these two photos, the left would be 'Yaaa! I get to hang out with Dad!' and the right would be 'Hello Ladies!'. Seriously...this kid is going to be a handful. I can tell just by the look in his eyes!

The picture on the left reminds me of Grandpa T, and to caption the picture on the right 'C'mon Mom, can't you see I'm trying to watch TV here!'

C and Dad hanging out. Two peas in a pod!

Cheek kisses
Motor boating 
The words 'chili' 'pepperoncini' and anything with a 'cha' sound

Visiting Uncle B & C in Iowa City...but mostly just C.
Seriously, we've only been to visit the homeland of IC twice since C's arrival, but when we walked in to Uncle B's earlier this month, it was as if C owned the place, and he was completely at home. Oh, and if Uncle B doesn't put a ring on it soon, he better watch out! He's got a serious contender in Carter, who has ABSOLUTELY LOVED C since the very first moment they met this summer. #loveatfirstsight

Water glasses

Napping when Dad is home
Acorn squash & avocado


Photo op with Gma S & Gpa D!

Celebrating C's first Thanksgiving! We started the day with a big group of T's family, and ended with a smaller smattering of mine. To commemorate the day, C got to try some of Grandma J's butternut squash for dinner. He liked it much better than the acorn squash I made for him at home!


Grandpa T 'helping' Grandma J carve the turkey on Thanksgiving. A.K.A. a reason to swipe some samples of turkey before mealtime.

Thanksgiving evening looked a little something like this. C & J were playing nicely...J was very curious about C, while C was just interested in looking at his hands. It was all fun and games until J puked all over C, and then that was the end of happy time! Better watch out J! C is known to throw a punch or two!!

C got to try all kinds of veggies this month. After getting the all-clear stamp of approval to start solid foods from Papa T and C's Doctor, we started C with the orange veggies first, and have now moved on to the green veggies. So far, he's had acorn squash, butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, zucchini, and green beans. Next up, broccoli and then maybe fruit! The idea is to give him all veggies first since it's unlikely that he'll want them after he gets to try fruit. Speaking of baby food, I've been making my own using the BEABA Babycook Pro rather than purchasing the overpriced single serving sized containers at the store. I like knowing that C's food is fresh, and without preservatives, not to mention, he usually wants multiple servings in one sitting, and it's just more cost effective. I can't say enough good things about this baby food maker. It steams and purees C's food all in the same kitchen tool, and cuts down on extra dishes for me to wash. Bonus!

T has been busy perfecting his skills on his new smoker this month. He smoked a brisket nearly the same size as C! Yum Yum!

C has been seeing a physical therapist this month. At his official 6 month checkup, we learned he's a little behind on the muscular development milestones (sitting unassisted, rolling over, putting weight on his legs), so at the recommendation of our Doctor, he's been working out with a therapist once a week ever since. This week, he finally figured out how to roll from front to back without us putting his arms underneath of him. He gets a little closer to figuring out these milestones on his own every week, but for now, he's a little more content to just watch the world around him than the average baby out there. That's our C! #chill

In a last minute decision over the weekend, we took C to visit Santa Claus! He wasn't too impressed with Santa this year (again #chill baby), and I'm honestly not even sure he noticed since he never took his eyes off me to actually look at Santa. We hit up Santa's Village at Arrowood Resort for the last 15 minutes of Santa's visit. From what I hear, there were LOTS of kids and a huge line earlier during the day, but when we got there, we had no line and didn't wait at all. Glancing around, there were about four other families with babies about C's age that had the exact same idea. 
Glad we're all on the same page!

I'll leave you with C's newly minted crinkle face. Usually only appearing when he is really happy about something, this picture was snapped while shopping for wrapping paper at Walmart!

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