Week 33

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 33 | an update

How far along: 33 weeks. Only 7 more weeks to go! T & I are feeling pretty unprepared over here without having anything finished in our nursery, and only one box of diapers to our names. 

Best moment this week: It was 75 degrees on Saturday, and T & I got to enjoy a nice walk outside on some new trails we hadn't explored before. Also, Gma & Gpa Witt surprised us with a Pack'N'Play  (Graco Element Pack'N'Play) to use as a bassinet in our room when baby arrives. Seeing as we have no nursery furniture (hopefully next week!) or monitor yet, it is nice to know that Baby W will have a safe place close to mama and papa W to sleep.

Worst moment this week: The day after the amazing 75 degrees and sunny, we had more snow...enough to cover the lawns and make the roads icy. YUCK. Thankfully, it didn't hang around too long, and melted within about a day. On a nursery note, the quilt/pillow/bedskirt I have had my eyes on for the last month or so, I still really like, however, the matching curtains to tie the whole look together are most definitely not on sale, and cost more than any other curtains we have in the house currently. Ugh. While I don't consider myself to be quite all the way back at square one, I'm not ready to swallow the 'pick me, pick me, I'm super expensive' curtain pill just yet - especially for a bedroom. I think I'll hold off on it all until the nursery furniture arrives and we have a chance to see how it all fits in the room. Who knows...maybe I'll change my mind entirely, or maybe those matching curtains will go on sale! The color I'm looking at is very specific, so to try and find something that matches somewhere else for less would be especially difficult and not worth the headache.

Things I miss: Consistently warm weather. I am dying to get outside for some exercise, but since Saturday, the temps have not been above 35 degrees, and I am getting restless sitting inside.

Maternity clothes: Yes. Above top from Motherhood Maternity, pants from Younkers. On another maternity clothing note...I've been on the lookout for some quality nursing bras (sorry to any guys reading!), and have had ZERO luck finding anything at my maternity shopping go-tos (Target or Motherhood Maternity) that will work. If any of you out there have ANY suggestions on where I should look for non-seamless options with cups and preferably underwire (I know the whole debate about underwire possibly leading to clogged milk ducts, but I don't get the support I need from wireless, and don't want to wear seamless sports bra styles that will show with my cute summertime dresses), PLEASE please share! I'm beginning to feel a bit hopeless on this front...

Sleep: T was on call all weekend, and received many middle of the night phone calls that kept me awake for a decent amount of the weekend. Besides that, sleep has been pretty good, but I'm still feeling super tired during the afternoons, and have decided to slip in a few little catnaps on occasion to help fight the exhaustion.

Movement: Still lots of movement, but not really any consistent time frames from day-to-day.

Food Cravings: Fruit. Chocolate. Grilling. Luckily, it was nice enough out over the last week that we were able to enjoy a couple of meals off the grill. Seeing as the temps are super cold again this week, it's a good thing we got some solid grilling in while we could!

Food Aversions: Nothing this week.

Queasy or sick: Nope. Just more tired than normal.

Belly button in or out: Out.

Rings on or off: On, but my fingers are definitely more swollen than normal. 

Looking forward to: Easter weekend with the family and hopefully getting in some quality snuggle time with our nephew Jake! Also looking forward to cake and a couple of birthday celebrations for some very important people in our lives!


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